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Comments from Oklahoma general election voters

Associated Press Modified: November 6, 2012 at 12:15 pm •  Published: November 6, 2012

Thoughts and comments by Oklahoma voters after casting ballots in Tuesday's primary election:

Kenneth Crabtree, 52, Muskogee, property manager.

Said he voted for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and GOP congressional candidate Markwayne Mullin and said he likes Mullin because he's a small businessman and because of "the Christian values that he has."

He voted for Romney because of the economy.

"I've seen how the last four years have gone. Business is down and people are out of work."

Obama's support for gay and lesbian rights are "against my Christian values."


Anita Weibel, 61, of Muskogee is a retired Girl Scouts of America executive who voted for Democratic congressional nominee Rob Wallace, who faces Mullin.

"I'm a lifelong Democrat and I think we need a Democrat to support us in Congress."

She said she voted for President Barack Obama because he supports human rights and women's rights, particularly women's reproductive rights.

"He's intelligent and he has the best wishes for all people."


Jack Keeling, 82, retired engineer in Muskogee said he voted for Obama because he believes Obama has succeeded in turning around the economy.

"Look at what he's done over the last four years."

He said he voted for Wallace because he believes Wallace is truthful.

"He's a straight shooter."


Catherine Cox, 59, social worker in Muskogee said she voted for Romney because she opposes Obama's policies and believes the economy is hurting and her husband can't find a job because of the depressed economy. She also opposes Obama's position on abortion and gay marriage.

"I have not a single thing this man has done."


Ronald Alexander, 47, disabled military veteran in Muskogee said he voted for Obama because of his handling of the economy.

"He got us out of a depression, Wall Street is better. He saved the auto industry and I could go on and on."

He said he voted for Wallace because he's a Democrat.

"I know he'll be there for Obama when he needs votes."


Donna Shatto, 47, disabled, voted in Muskogee for Romney because of his business background and she was turned off by the federal health care law supported by Obama.

"He (Romney ) at one time was a small business owner and small businesses are what builds America. He doesn't seem false, he seems right on target with everything he says."

She said she supports Mullin because of his family values.

"He's grown up from hard roots and he's a small business owner."


Dusty Horton, 42, manufacturing plant worker in Moore, said he voted for Romney because of the poor economy under President Obama.

"I think it's more of the previous four years of Obama's lack of getting the economy going."

Horton said he also voted for US Rep. Tom Cole for re-election in the 4th Congressional District race over Democratic challenger Donna Bebo.

"I thought his track record was good."


Juandre Peacock, 33, graduate student from Moore said Obama appears to be smarter and more skilled than Romney. Voted for Obama.

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