Common Core criticism deserved

Oklahoman Published: May 10, 2014

“Indiana experience may offer lessons for Oklahoma” (Our Views, May 2) said that much criticism of Common Core “has little to do with the actual content of the academic standards.” Actually, Common Core standards deserve a great deal of criticism. While many proponents of Common Core standards continue to say that they’re rigorous and will help students prepare for challenging careers, the opposite is true.

One expert in this field is Sandra Stotsky, of the University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform. She says the standards aren’t rigorous or research-based. They will reduce opportunities for students to develop critical thinking. Stotsky says the standards omit high school mathematics standards leading to STEM careers and “use an experimental approach to teaching geometry, defer the completion of Algebra I to grade 9 or 10, are developmentally inappropriate in the primary grades, and use the high school English class for informational reading instruction.”

For example, junior or senior high school English students read such things as a technical publication on insulation standards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy. I think students would be better off reading classic literature. If they can read and understand the classics, they won't have any problem with insulation standards.

Donna V. Carlton, Edmond