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Consider President Obama's record before voting

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer Published: November 3, 2012

In response to “Romney!” (Our Views, Oct. 28): Voters must ask if President Obama deserves re-election. Others things to consider, among many, include the following: Stopping offshore oil drilling here while sending millions of our tax dollars to Brazil for the same purpose; honoring 250 Muslim leaders at a White House dinner to celebrate Ramadan, but ignoring rabbis, priests and protestant leaders in celebration of their religious holidays; and bowing to a Muslim king and traveling the world apologizing for America. Our military budget was slashed and millions were squandered on failed “green” energy projects awarded to Obama donors. The Libyan massacre is a scandal of incalculable proportion and a monument to Obama's ineptitude.

Obama neither understands nor honors capitalism. Because of his reckless policies, the United States is close to bankruptcy. We need a leader who has solid experience in governance and business. Mitt Romney is that man. He graduated from Harvard business and law schools simultaneously; he's a man of character who loves America, unlike the unqualified stranger hired four years ago. We know Romney. We didn't know Obama in 2008, but we know him now. He hasn't earned the privilege of another term.

Donna Lukken, Edmond


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