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Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking for passion topics, not personal opinions or agendas.

Our contributors provide exceptional content across an array of topics. We seek your best work on topics where you bring unique perspective, expertise or experience -- providing our readers with consistent stories across the news and information spectrum.

• Community – Neighborhoods / Parks /Clubs / Organizations / Local issues

• Education – Learning / Teaching / Home-schooling

• Entertainment – Local scene / Movies / Music / Art / Books

• Faith – Religion / Spirituality / Church activities & news / Missions

• Family – Parenting / Children / Single-parenting / Working families / Juggling schedules

• Fitness – Exercise / Diet / Wellness

• Health – Mental / Medicine / Natural / Physical / Addiction / Recovery

• Hobbies – Gardening /Crafts / Collecting

• Military – Families / Veterans / Deployments / 45th Infantry

• Money – Personal finance / Family budgets

• Outdoors – Camping / Hunting / Fishing / Running / Biking / Alternative sports

• Perspectives – First-person accounts / Sharing life experiences / Tips from experts

• Pets – Cats / Dogs / Hobby Farms

• Sports – College / High schools / Junior high / Youth

• Technology – Gadgets / Tips / Reviews

• Travel – Vacations / Excursions / Tips / Budgets

• Did we leave something out? – Bring it! Teach us!

All content you submit through ContributorConnect may be published through one or more of our media brands:


You will have the opportunity to review several tutorials about how to succeed in a media organization. Your content will also be reviewed by peers and editors who will give helpful feedback. Contributors join ContributorConnect groups organized around topics of interest where you can interact with others to improve your work. We will also provide seminars and events from time to time to help you grow your influence.

Through ContributorConnect, you will be able to see both where your content is published and how many people are viewing your work. Our editors and readers will also give your content feedback via ratings and comments.

The primary rewards that you will receive include the possibility of publication of your work and development of your skills. There is no monetary compensation for most submissions.

  1. Build your profile and portfolio
  2. The starting point for each member of CC is your profile, where you'll provide a photo, a bio and other background information that will be helpful to readers and other CC members wanting to learn more about you. Your profile will also display the content you've published and new content you may be working on. We anticipate that your profile and content history will develop into a vibrant portfolio of your work. It will also develop into a place where you can manage your connections to other CC members and groups.
  3. As a CC contributor, you can:

    - Manage your profile

    - Develop your skills by reviewing tools and tutorials

    - Propose and accept story assignments via your workdesk

    - View your published work throughout the CC network

    - Join a group to accept assignments and collaborate with peers

    - Observe your influence tracking for each story

  4. CC members may choose to make portions of their portfolio public or private. The goal is to increase your influence by publishing trusted, high quality content and this is your dashboard
  5. Join a group
  6. ContributorConnect groups provide opportunities for contributors interested in a particular topic to collaborate and publish. Groups also help us get to know our contributors' backgrounds and interests, and allow us to foster better interaction between our publishers and contributors. Our publishers regularly submit assignments to groups, where individual contributors claim them.
  7. Interested CC contributors must request access in order to join a Public Group, or be invited by group leaders. Eventually we'll expand the role of groups in our organization and your work. You'll note that many groups have already formed and are working today. If you have an idea for a group or some suggestions for new features, please email us at help@contributorconnect.org.
  8. Start contributing
  9. The core of ContributorConnect is the interaction between you, a copy editor and our publishers. To get started, you can do the following:

    - Propose a Story.

    - If you have an idea for a story, you may pitch the story to our publishers for their review and approval for copy editing and then publishing.

    - Choose a Story.

    - You may claim an assignment from one of our publishers, and submit it by deadline for copy editing. You will receive notice when it is published and will be able to track page views via ContributorConnect.

    - Learn.

  10. - To help you improve the quality of your work, we've provided a number of exercises and tutorials.
  11. Review your progress
  12. Return to ContributorConnect often to review feedback from editors and peers, to see where your story's been published, or track your page views.


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