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Cornell NYC Tech campus mixes students, executives

Associated Press Published: October 15, 2012

"This is not 'build an office park on Roosevelt Island.' That doesn't make sense for anybody," Huttenlocher said. But as technology research and commerce become more closely intertwined, he said, "physical proximity and ability to work together is crucial."

The working-together theme is visible in renderings for the first academic building, designed by Morphosis Architects, a firm known for its adventuresome work for colleges and other clients.

The building is sprinkled with work stations, "huddle rooms" for work on joint projects and casual spaces for shooting the technological breeze. (It also includes six classrooms; the graduate programs emphasize research and so have a limited need for traditional classrooms.) It also may feature a roof lined with solar panels, part of a slate of ideas for making it a "net-zero" energy building — one that generates as much power as it uses. Officials acknowledge that's a challenge for a structure devoted to electricity-hungry technology.

Andrew Winters, who's spearheading the planning for Cornell Tech, declined to say how much the campus is expected to cost. Developers would pay to put up some of the buildings — those intended for companies' and nonprofits' use — and then would recoup money by leasing them to Cornell and other tenants, officials said.


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