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Cotton Bowl quoteboard: Andre Sexton on Zac Robinson, 'I’m sure all the girls’ hearts are going to be broken when he leaves campus.'



→Ole Miss defensive tackle Jerrell Powe on Toston: "Looking at film, I think Toston will be a big factor. He does a good job of finding the crease and hitting it.”

→Toston on Ole Miss running back Dexter McCluster: "He’s one of those guys that can break a long run real fast. Our defense sees Kendall every day in practice, and I don’t think there’s much of a dropoff from him to Kendall.”

→Ole Miss running back Dexter McCluster after saying he was going to talk to the team before the game and tell them they were going to score on the first possession: "We strike first, and we don’t let up.”

→Robinson on OSU’s offense this season: "This year, we have a great defense, we haven’t felt like we have to score. Punting is not a bad thing.”

→Toston on OSU’s option game: "We can run a lot of things that involve the option. When you have a quarterback that can run the ball, that helps you as far as the option. (Robinson)’s able to run a long way if the defense doesn’t play it right.”

→OSU coach Mike Gundy on Robinson: "At times, people take him for granted, but I don’t think anybody in our program does.”

→Robinson on being the face of the program for the last three years: "I’ve had a lot of fun with it, enjoyed every minute of it and tried to be myself. And tried to be a great leader for our team.”