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County commissioner: Local government best suited to handle local problems

BY GENE WALLACE Published: December 30, 2012

It is a unique opportunity for all citizens to attend a meeting of local matters and business by a local board in pursuit of transparent governance. Votes are not a product of smoke and mirrors; discussion agendas are open regardless of your standing within the community. The goal of electing the mirror image of the community is successful every election cycle, with the stark realization that voters are really in charge and affect discipline or reward based on performance.

Oklahoma is fortunate to have the dedication of those proud elected officials, who regardless of circumstances are willing and eager to provide those critical services. They recognize that there are plenty of folks far more interested in the rededication of revenue than the delivery and efficiency of service. In short, they'd prefer to have a government they can control. Consolidation can only be enacted by constitutional change. In the vision of Mencken, a bad idea's time never comes — the voters always have the final decision.

Wallace is president of the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma.