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Cramming religious beliefs up our tailpipes

Published: June 19, 2013

Regarding “Court says man can sue over ‘rain god' tags (News, June 12): While Indian tribes in Oklahoma enjoy their infinite sabbatical from fair car and truck taxation via car tag fees that are imposed on the rest of us, the state has placated the tribes and forced their religious symbolism down the throats of God-fearing Oklahomans. Either we pay an additional fee to buy a vanity license plate without such religious symbolism or go to jail and have our car impounded.

While some so adamantly speak of separation of church and state out of one side of their mouth, they selectively cram other religious beliefs up our tailpipes. What ever happened to liberty and justice for all when it comes to taxation via vehicle tags in Oklahoma? Why are Oklahomans forced to promote religious symbolism or pay yet another tax for the failure or desire to promote it?

Let those who desire such religious symbolism pay an additional tax — to the state, not the tribes — for their chosen vanity plate.

Stephen Bacon, McLoud