Cuban: No 'Dust Bowl Division'
Owner: NBA in OKC doesn't help league

By Darnell Mayberry Published: April 9, 2008

/> "From an NBA perspective, they're all NBA fans,” Cuban said. "It's not going to take any money out of my pocket. It's not like I'm not selling out every game anyway. It's not like people are going to come from Oklahoma City.”

Cuban, who was the only NBA owner to vote down the Hornets' relocation application from Charlotte, N.C., to New Orleans in 2002, maintained that he will remain open to changing his stance if he hears any significant information when the case is presented before the NBA owners meeting in New York City on April 17-18.

"I'm completely open-minded about it,” Cuban said. "My prejudice is, I'd rather see (the Sonics in) a bigger market that's established. But if the (financial) numbers say otherwise or the information dictates otherwise then I'll do the smart thing. I've given up stuff that would help the Mavs and would help the NBA over and over and over again.”

Cuban also voiced his opposition to the league expanding.

"I will always vote against expansion, because expansion is the worst economic move a league like the NBA can make,” Cuban said. "Expansion is nothing more than a loan. Whatever they give you, you're paying back in equity ownership in the NBA your share of the TV money.

"It's like saying, ‘Hey, buy my house for $300 million and I'll pay you back $26 million a year out of the TV money for buying my house.' For some reason, I was the only one who could figure out that was a bad deal. So I voted against it and everybody else voted for it.”

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