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Daily Contraception Mandate Lie: NOW edition

Associated Press Published: March 2, 2012

It's a weak position that rests as heavily upon lies as the ObamaCare contraception mandate does. The lies in defense of the mandate and against its opponents are so constant, and so blatant that I've decided I'll document them, posting one per weekday.

Today's comes from Terry O'Neill, head of the National Organization of Women, who says the Catholic Church is "demanding that the government step in and use the force and power and police power of the state to prevent women from taking birth control because the bishops have failed."

Wow. It almost seems silly to even address this, but here it goes:

No, Ms. O'Neill, if any side is using "the force and power and police power of the state" it is President Obama's side, which wants to make it illegal to provide health-insurance plans that do not cover contraception and sterilization. By O'Neill's reasoning, the federal government is every day using its "police power" to prevent me from drinking whiskey, because the federal governent doesn't require my employer to pay me in whiskey.

Today's lie came to my attention via CNSNews's Penny Starr and NRO's Ramesh Ponnuru.

Previous blatant lies about the contraception mandate:

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