Dangerous criminals should serve full sentence

Published: February 6, 2013

Regarding “Convicted rapist charged with murder in 1975” (News, Jan. 30): The malefactor was recently convicted of a rape occurring in 2011; however, it was reported he had been convicted of two earlier rapes, in 1979, and sentenced to 60 years in prison. But someone in the “justice” system saw fit to parole him in 2008 after serving only 29 years. Had he been required to serve the entire 60 years for those rapes, to which he pleaded guilty, he wouldn't have been free to rape again in 2011.

This profound injustice perpetrated by the parole system is a disgrace. The woman attacked in 2011 is a victim of those individuals responsible for the premature release of the rapist. Had he been required to serve his entire 60-year sentence, she would never have been forced to experience this life-altering nightmare. This is only one example of the consequences of premature release of convicted felons. A significant number of homicides today, with guns and otherwise, are committed by individuals on parole or probation.

It's time the system was changed to reflect common sense. It's time to require that the sentence imposed on dangerous criminals be fully and completely served. Sixty years should mean 60 years, not 29.

Gary Proctor, Houston, Texas

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