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Daniel Craig makes role of Bond his own

Daniel Craig returns for a third installment of James Bond.
BY DENNIS KING Published: November 9, 2012

One area where the old-school Bond clashes with the new-school tactics of cyber warfare is in 007's customary meeting with brainy gadget-master Q.

“People talk about the gadgets all the time,” Craig said. “But if you look at the original gadgets what was sexy about them was Bond took out a box, stuck it on a door and the red light came on. And that's kind of simple and sexy; it did something. But to have Bond at a computer in front of a screen, I think that's (bleeping) boring. And I think technology on the whole is boring.

“But what I liked about this is we brought in Ben (Whishaw) as Q, a computer whiz, and we have this clash of two worlds. Together, there's the potential of a really great team. It means that Bond doesn't have to be dealing with technology. We've very deliberately kept the gadgets simple. And we use them; we don't just put them in extraneously.”

But for Craig, who hasn't allowed his dedication to Bond to limit his career (he's now attached to another big franchise project after starring in last year's “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”), it's always about telling good stories.

“I just think good action movies must have good storylines. And then with the Bond stuff and the rules that apply, you have to keep it within those boundaries,” Craig said. “We always have to remember that it's a Bond movie. Again, as I said earlier about Fleming, it's in the books. He's complicated. If you balance it right, it should work. I don't think I play him as someone who wears his heart on his sleeve. In most of the movie I think he's in control or at least thinks he's in control. And it's just allowing those cracks to show and let us see into the character a bit, and I think that's worth doing. But we try to do that as lightly as possible.”

While “Skyfall” is filled with dark secrets and surprising twists that Craig staunchly avoided discussing, he did relent in acknowledging one minor spoiler relating to Bond's beloved silver birch Aston-Martin DB5 (originally seen in “Goldfinger”). Not to give too much away, but the signature spy car makes an explosive appearance related to the story's climax.

“It's a joke. It's a gag. It's a good gag,” Craig allowed. “You know, the car is beautiful and everybody loves it. And (Bond) just might find another one. We'll figure it out.”