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‘Dark Knight’ toys bring lighthearted fun

BY MATTHEW PRICE Published: February 24, 2009
With the Oscar success of "The Dark Knight,” the Christopher Nolan-directed film again is in the public eye.

Mattel, the toy licensor for "Dark Knight,” has launched new toys in its "Dark Knight” line of toys.

The line includes playsets and role-playing items.

Rob Novickas, a Mattel spokesman, talked about the success of "The Dark Knight” line and the method of translating a somewhat dark film to a successful line of toys suitable for all ages.

Q: Just how successful has "The Dark Knight” line of toys been?

A: Batman is considered an evergreen property.

While "The Dark Knight” was not a movie seen by most kids, the fact that the character is so popular, and has been with many generations, made the toy line very popular with kids and especially adult collectors.

Q: Was it difficult creating a line of toys that was true to the dark themes of the movie and yet still play-friendly?

A: For years, Mattel has created a variety of Batman toys that bring this perennial super hero favorite to life for fans of all ages — from action figures and role-play toys to playsets and games. Our close working relationship with the filmmakers and Warner Bros. on this film allowed us to be an active participant throughout the entire process.

This presented a unique opportunity for Mattel to demonstrate its distinct ability to translate what viewers see on screen into a child-appropriate, fun toy line that captures the spirit of the Batman characters.

Q: Tell me about some of the special features of "The Dark Knight” toys.