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Darla's Blog Picks - Fair food! Are men sexier with beards? Living in a cube and more!

by Darla Lindauer Modified: September 13, 2013 at 9:45 am •  Published: September 13, 2013
1.  Oklahoma State Fair       

By: The site is maintained by many contributors. Credit goes to the staff.

What blog is about – Events, performances, food, people of the Oklahoma State Fair.

Featured post – Interactive Food Finder

As I look over the menu, I think I gained 10 pounds! I never knew there was so much available to eat. I am going to have to look over this carefully before I go. I am a die hard fan of jalapeno cheese on a stick, chicken on a stick and corn. Believe it or not, I have never stood in line to taste the cinnamon rolls. I hear they are awesome, though. I tried to find a place to get prices for all the concessions, but I haven’t found a price list. As usual, though, make sure you bring the cash. It is not cheap eating. I, personally, will be going with my girls, and my time will consist of food, kiddy rides. If I were to try and do anything else, the kids will magically lose their ability to walk and be too tired to carry on. That is OK, though. I wouldn’t think of walking through the buildings with them; I might lose one of them. Here is a map of the Fair Park so you can print it out and mark down the places you want to eat. Oklahoma State Fair Map Make sure you drink enough water, and be safe.Darla Lindauer


2. Geekologie

By: I am unable to find a specific name to give credit. The credit goes to Geekologie.

What blog is about – Dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets and gizmos.

Featured post – Living Cube Combines Entertainment Center, Bookshelves, Wardrobe, Walk-In Closet, Loft Bed

OK, so I want this. This is an organization dream! Inside the closet needs some work, but overall I give it a thumbs up. Unless you love the claustrophobic feeling of sleeping in a coffin, I suggest you make some adjustments to fit in a normal 8-foot ceiling room. Ha-ha. The guy who wrote the post is funny; I like the term “tree bones.” Another thing, make sure you put it together where it is going to stay - forever. This is huge. It will not fit through any doors. If you take it apart and put it back together, it will not be as sturdy. My daughter has a raised bed and it has an under part, and my youngest daughter wants me to put a mattress under it to make it her a bed. I might just have to get creative and build something where her bed can fold up against the wall underneath so they don’t lose the play area and access to the bookshelf. Look at that. I did get creative just seeing this. Now, I just need to find someone to do it. Darla Lindauer



By: Chris Gayomali – Science and technology editor.

What blog is about – Many topics.

Featured post – Are dudes with beards really more attractive?

When I saw this article, I knew this probably wouldn’t have been a topic of conversation if it was not for the show “Duck Dynasty.” I have only seen one episode of it, but I hear it is quite entertaining. I have not gotten into the whole following-a-family-with-a-camera thing, yet. I hear people like the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” but I have never seen that one. I wonder how many people would watch a show of me and my girls. We could call it “Keeping up with a child with Asperger’s who has a 3-year-old sister and an OCD mom.” It promises to be filled with a lot of drama and goofiness. Anyway, back to the beard topic. I personally have always liked men with facial hair, but more of a goatee style, and it must be trimmed and kept well. I am not a fan of big bushy beards. I remember an uncle I had growing up used to chase me to hug me and rub his beard on my face, and if you think that sounds creepy, it was. My dad was military, and so he did not have facial hair until he retired. Then he chose to grow a beard, and I thought he looked great with it. Within the last few years, he shaved it off, and he just does not look like my dad. I do know some women who hate any facial hair. So, does the scientific study behind this mean I like alpha males and the women who don’t like hair prefer weaker men? Who knows. I am not sure it really matters. – Darla Lindauer



By: I am unable to find a name so credit goes to

What blog is about – “Best videos on the Web. Suitable for all ages.”

Featured post – This is a great dad…

This video is awesome. I think I might have a mild addiction to it. I watched it so many times that I was singing and doing the dance at home with my girls. The message behind it is a good one, and it makes you look back at all the dorky things we do as parents – not just dads - to make our kids happy. There is a show called “Bubble Guppies” on Nick JR that my youngest one watches, and there is a song that comes on twice every show called the “Outside Song.” When it comes on, my daughter yells out, “Our song is on! Hurry!” and I have to stop whatever I am doing and run in and do this crazy dance and sing to it. Sometimes I hate that show, but I hope she remembers this as a good memory. To be honest, it is kind of fun. Here is a link to our song: The Outside Song — I sent this video to my daughter’s dad since he will be taking her to some of the football games she will be cheering at. I told him he needed to do it with her.  – Darla Lindauer


5. Fandango

By: The blog has many contributors; Phil Pirrello gets the credit for this one.

What blog is about – Movies

Featured post – The 15 Greatest R-Rated Sci-fi Films

So, I read through this list and watched the trailers, and I must have been out of it for a few years! I guess I wouldn’t remember them even if I had, but I think my movie memory might have been stolen from the year 2009. I did have a baby that year, but not till later in the year, and I do not think a side effect of childbirth is memory loss of sci-fi movies. I have never even heard of ”District 9,” ”Looper” or ”Moon.” How does that happen? I feel like such a sci-fi geek failure right now. Well, I liked the trailers from what I could tell. I guess I have some movies to watch. I am sure this list would change based on the person writing the blog, but I think it is a pretty good one. If not for anything else, it was fun to watch the trailers and take a trip down memory lane. I’ve loved the creepy, the scary, the sci-fi and the odd since I was young, and when I look at these, I wonder how it is that it was more interesting than scary to me at all. My daughter, who is 9, asks to watch sci-fi and I usually tell her, “No,” because I think it will scare her or I am afraid of the language or her seeing things inappropriate. I do let her watch “Total Blackout,” ”Exit,” ”Warehouse 13″ and ”Eureka” with me. They are good at not using bad language. Double standard, maybe, but I am a mom now. – Darla Lindauer


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by Darla Lindauer
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