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Darla's Blog Picks - Funny baby videos, powdered peanut butter, skin tightening secrets, a keyboard for your smart phone and more!

by Darla Lindauer Modified: May 24, 2013 at 9:05 am •  Published: May 24, 2013


By: This site is kept up by a “small team of cool dudes”, the site says, but this one was posted by Phil.

What blog is about – Funny bloopers and things.

Featured post – 10 Funny Baby Videos You’ve Probably Seen – “Something about those cute bald craniums that bring out the smiles in all of us. They fall, laugh, and get generally excited about most things you and I could care less about.”

This was a much-needed post for me to find this week. My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones, friends, homes, jobs and animals in the tornado here in Moore, OK. The outpouring of help and love is amazing as it always has been in Oklahoma when tragedy strikes. I am proud to be an Oklahoman. I wanted to share this post with everyone. The title is correct. I have seen most of the videos, but they are ones you can watch over and over. I love the one where the mother is blowing her nose and the baby gets a surprised/scared look then laughs so much. My 3-year-old does the same thing even now when I sneeze. She is so funny. I must be horribly loud! – Darla Lindauer


2. Nevertheless

By: Paul Dooley – Trade Certificate in Fitting and Machining, BA in Sociology Macquarie Uni, Dip of Visual Art in Time Based Media.

What blog is about – Simplified reviews and posts on easy tech.

Featured post – Casetop: A cradle display case for your mobile phone – “A significant drawback or limitation they have is when users want to use them for lots of writing and feel confined by the cramped keyboards or get fed up with one or two finger typing.”

This is an awesome idea! Did you know there is a diagnosis of “Smart Phone Thumb.” Yes, there really is. I find it funny how technology gets better, but it creates a new illness. So, do they now have to teach surgeons how to do surgery for the ever-so-horrible smart phone thumb? Do therapists now have to learn a new skill for therapy? Did we have anything called “climbing tree knees” growing up that has become extinct since kids don’t play outside much anymore? I wonder if insurance covers it? Anyway, this device, although I find it to be quite expensive, could save you medical bills in the future. I would say it certainly would come in handy for anyone who writes quite a bit.Darla Lindauer


3. Taste & Travel

By: Leann – “My passion is food and people-two things that go hand in hand. Food brings people together. Reaching out to learn about the food in each community really tends to shed light on what it is like to live in that area. I’m here to do just that-one bite at a time!”

What blog is about – Travel and food

Featured post – Organic Powdered Peanut Butter – “Half the amount of fat compared to regular peanut better and no oils!”

This post is for all my “green” friends. I would think that if it is saved in a tightly sealed container, it will keep for a very long time! Great source of protein. I looked it up and the process of making the powdered peanut butter sounds simple if you have the right equipment. First, you have to squeeze the oil out of the peanuts then dry them.  If you prefer to buy it, I am not sure if it is a frugal choice or not, since it costs $6 to $7 a jar. I guess it would depend on how many servings you get from that to compare to the price of regular peanut butter at the store. Only one problem with this for me: how do you squeeze a peanut? So of course, I looked it up and there are sites on how to build a peanut press. I think I will go with the pre-made kind. – Darla Lindauer


4. OMG Zam

By: I am not able to find a name of the person who updates the site, so the credit will go to OMG Zam.

What blog is about – Internet tips, easy, other easy tech subjects.

Featured post – With no internet, What world would we be in? – “Can you imagine a world without the internet? Would you still be living the way you are living right now? Can you handle such?”

Maybe I am getting old, because I do not think life would be all that bad if there was no Internet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for technology, but I am not for the higher prices we pay for everything because of it. I had a thought the other day as I was riding with my mother back from a funeral and I was looking out the window. I noticed something new since I had been down the same road before. I noticed people had chickens, gardens, wood stacked up, livestock and some farming equipment. This would be normal if I was looking at a farm, but I was looking at regular houses. I then had my thought: Where do we go from here? Sure, someone can invent hover cars, ways to pay for things without credit cards, even machines to make our own clothes at home maybe. But are we any farther along? Sometimes I think technology has created an atmosphere where we have so much that we are lacking. I hear of more people every day moving to the country, wanting to go back to their roots. Some even shut off the Internet and TV and got back to the basics in life, not because of hatred for technology, but the desire for more. I am sure no Internet would lead to more jobs and less stress. I do not want theIinternet gone, I just like my break from it every night. A good question is, could our children survive in a world with out it? So basically, our world is doomed if the zombie apocalypse does come. Ha-haDarla Lindauer


5. Skin CaRE search

By: There are two editors on this site that they profile, but this post does not say who wrote this one. Credit goes to both Lisa Montero and Vicky Gardner.

What blog is about – Expert and user skin care reviews

Featured post – Skin Tightening Secrets – “A quality anti-aging treatment will include skin firming ingredients such as DMAE which has been proven to improve not only tighten and firm the skin, but also tone the muscles beneath, to give the face a leaner appearance.”

Why do all these reports on the best anti-aging creams get me? I think it is like an Indiana Jones adventure for all women and some men: we will always be on the quest for the fountain of youth. This post sounds pretty convincing. With its big words, it has to be true. Ha-ha. I have been told I do not age, so maybe I found it. This is what I think: my secret is, sleep, coffee, water, no tanning beds, sunscreen, lotion every day and a lot of cocoa butter! If those are not it, then it is just good jeans from my mother and father. Even if this is not true, this site has some pretty good tips for all-around well being and even if it does not have a perfect outcome, like the fountain of youth would, it still can improve your health. – Darla Lindauer


6. Jezebel 

By: This site has many contributors, even from other sites. Today this post is contributed by “Smilla.”

What blog is about – Celebrity fashion, news, opinions.

Featured post – Is lying a big deal to you?  – “But, as we now know through science and also real life, everybody lies. Do you feel bad about lying?”

Wow, I could talk forever on this, but here is my input. Yes, I lie. When my kids ask me for something and I don’t want to argue, I make up something they cannot disagree with. For instance, if they ask: “Mom, can we go to Chuckie Cheese?” I respond: “No, they are doing construction on it this month.” See, that gives me a whole month without Chuckie Cheese? Is it wrong? Yes. Are other parents who read this going to use it? Maybe. But that is where my lying stops. What I do not understand is people creating fake identities online. Do you think you won’t be found out eventually? There is a TV show called “Catfish” where people fall in love online and in the end it is a big lie. The show actually tries to help these people be friends. No, you will not be my friend if you lie to me. I have to say that even my little lies to my kids to avoid a conflict is wrong, I feel guilty at times. I know eventually they will figure it out and know Mom was lying. Then they will think it is OK to lie. So I guess as I do some self evaluation, which I did not expect to do reading this post, I should instead tell the truth and  teach them how to deal with a “no” every once in a while. I am sure they will get plenty of those in life and need to know how to deal with it. I grew up being taught very strictly, I might add, that lying is never acceptable in any scenario. The thing I learned from that is that some other people were not taught the same thing and when they lied to me, even though it sounded suspicious, I was a bit gullible for a while until I caught on - Darla Lindauer


7. Black Fox Homestead

By: We are a family of two (and four shih-tzus)

What blog is about – “Our transition from our home in the city to ten acres in a rural town; and to document the continuing story as we work to establish a homestead complete with a garden and  livestock.”

Featured post – Tips for Growing Great Tomatoes – “Regardless of whether or not you decide to go with hybrids or heirlooms make sure you choose a variety that is suitable for your zone.”

I remember sitting in my grandma’s kitchen as a child  and my grandpa bringing in fresh tomatoes from his garden in the back yard. My grandpa was the best farmer I knew and my grandma was the best cook from it. But my fondest memory of a tomato is watching Grandma or my mother slice it so we could have tomato and cheese sandwiches. How I still crave the wonderful, tasty tomatoes from his garden. To this day, I have never had a better tomato. I still love tomato and cheese sandwiches. Funny how you never know when a memory will become one that lasts the rest of your life. – Darla Lindauer

Compiled by Darla Lindauer. If you would like your or someone else’s blog to be considered for this column, email


by Darla Lindauer
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