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Darla's Blog Picks - Google Glass can read emotions? How not to be rude, baked tacos and more

by Darla Lindauer Modified: August 30, 2013 at 9:05 am •  Published: August 30, 2013


By: This site has many contributors. The credit for this post goes to John Conner.

What blog is about – News, environment, health, survival and technology.

Featured post – New Google Glass App Will Read Other People’s Emotion

Of all the things to amaze me, this is not one of them, unless you count that it is amazing that people will spend money on such an app. I can, however, give credit to the person who is creating the application; this takes some serious understanding of technology and that is very impressive. I could not pay for an application to interpret what a human mind can within seconds. I think it is ridiculous. However, I can see it being used as a learning tool for those who do not have the ability to recognize facial features and correctly put it with an emotion. My daughter has Asperger’s and has issues with noticing emotions in others. She has learned over the years, but if she is not sure, she asks me about it. So my overall thought: Using this app for everyday interactions, no. Using this app as a learning tool, yes. We cannot expect a computer to be human. – Darla Lindauer



By: Therese Oneill

What blog is about – Many topics from world, science, lifestyle, language and arts.

Featured post – How to avoid being rude (according to 100-year-old etiquette rules)

This post had me laughing so hard! I remember growing up and some of these same things were taught to me. I wish I had a dollar for every time my mother said, “Sit up straight!” My mother did her best at trying to turn me into a lady when my whole body wanted to be a tomboy. I even went to etiquette classes. I was a hard one to crack, but somehow my mother succeeded in creating a part-time lady. Part of the time I am 100-percent lady. I can set a perfect table, too. The other part of the time, I am still that tomboy who loves to climb trees and work on cars. I have to say my favorite part of this article is where it says, “If a lady doesn’t sit properly how will you know she’s a lady?” That gives the impression that we all look exactly alike other than how we sit. I will say this, etiquette from a long time ago is entertainment, but there are quite a few men and women who could take a lesson on how to behave even by current standards! Why does it seem with each new generation that things as we know it, like clothing and the acceptance of foul language and nudity on TV, are pushed to the limit until society then accepts it, and, whatever it is, becomes the new norm? Etiquette might need to be on an endangered list very soon.– Darla Lindauer


3. Grist

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What blog is about – Environmental news and commentary with a wry twist.

Featured post – Your dishwasher can clean dishes and make dinner at the same time.

How awesome is this? I am sure it has been around for a while, but this is the first time I’ve seen it. I did a bit of research. It seems to focus quite a bit on seafood. I think the thing to remember is use a sealed container! Things like this inspire me to be more creative. I will not be trying this one, though; I do not have a dishwasher. I know people say they are more convenient, and I can see that to a point. But, I do not trust a machine to wash my dishes like I can. This is what would happen: I would wash the dishes by hand, rinse them, and then put them in the dishwasher only for a sterilization effect. I think, at this point, I only manage to spend more electricity running the machine and more gas to heat up more water. Also, I have a question. Who runs the dishwasher before you eat? Does that mean dirty dishes have to wait until the next day to be washed? Very creative, but I am going to have to pass.Darla Lindauer



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What blog is about – “Multimedia and news hub dedicated to unusual and unexplained phenomena as well as alternative topics that may be ignored, denied or inadequately covered within the mainstream media.”

Featured post – Patent Confirms That Aspartame is The Excrement of GM Bacteria

So, as I read this information, my brain interprets it to sound like “she sells sea shells by the sea shore.”  Why does everything scientific have to be so hard to say? I think it is so no one will understand what they are saying or it would scare us to death! So, I re-read and do some research and I think I have it. Scientists have genetically modified E-Coli bacteria that excretes protein, which is basically the “poop” of the bacteria in the form of aspartame that has been cleaned with alcohol. And, now, if you are like me, you sit back and think just how gross it is. Well, I do not eat it myself. I am very allergic. My heart races, and I cannot breathe. I thought I was having a heart attack one time. I get the same reaction with MSG, and it all scares me to death. It is in almost all sugar-free products, including gum, soda, Jell-O, pudding and more. I did not look up all the sources on the research they did for this post, but one thing I do know is, it is very bad for me and I look at all labels to avoid it. – Darla Lindauer


5. Sing For Your Supper

By: Amy. I see no last name listed.

What blog is about – Quick and easy recipes, photos and cooking tips

Featured post – Baked Tacos

Yum! I have to admit I am addicted to anything with a tortilla, whether it be chips or a soft tortilla or a taco shell that has meat, cheese, lettuce and hot sauce. I could eat it every day, but I usually end up eating it twice a week. When I saw this post, I got a bit mad at myself. I cannot believe I have not thought of this before. Why is it that my brain cannot come up with something as simple as this. I would make some modifications to it, though. I think I am too lazy to shape my own tortillas; I would buy the pre-shaped ones. They have flat bottom shells now, too. They hold more but break more easily. But I like this idea, because I have family come to my house and this would be an easy way to do tacos in bulk.Darla Lindauer

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