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Darla's Blog Picks - North West? Cheapism, DIY, a $25,500 bean bag and more...

by Darla Lindauer Modified: July 5, 2013 at 9:05 am •  Published: July 5, 2013
1. Cheapism  
By: The site is managed by many contributors, but the credit for this post goes to Raechel Conover.

What blog is about – Definition of cheapism: -noun. An economic system in which individuals (consumers) acquire goods and/or services at a relatively low cost or price (inexpensively or comparatively inexpensively).

Featured post – What to Buy in July – “In case you’re wondering, there are simple answers for what to buy in July.”

I am not sure I would say I am cheap. I pretty much buy something if I want it bad enough, but it must be practical most of the time. Many would say my shoes are not practical, but I dare anyone to not find an outfit for every pair in my closet. Ha-ha. I think some of the items mentioned to buy in July are common sense, but I did not know paint went up and down in prices, which is good to know, because I am wanting to paint my house. I am also in desperate need of a new grill. My current one is more like a flame thrower than a grill. Good for killing monsters and almost guaranteed to burn the meat every time if you‘re not careful! The practical part of me knows the meat can still be cooked on the other side of the grill, even though you have to wear a fire-proof suit almost. OK, that might be too practical. Ha-haDarla Lindauer


2. Emily Gamache, HHC, AADP

By: Emily Gamache – “I am a holistic health coach specializing in helping individuals meet their personal health and life goals through one-on-one coaching either via phone or in person.”

What blog is about – Personal Holistic Health Coaching

Featured post – Summertime Outdoor Safety – “This article contains some tips on how to avoid and treat health issues that commonly arise when people spend time in the great outdoors.”

Since I became a mother, I have realized that summertime is not as fun as I thought when I was a child. Who knew there were so many things to worry about? I am pretty sure when I was growing up none of this stuff mattered. Ha-ha. I used to play in a creek behind our house. There were snakes, crawdads, running water, a tree swing, big bugs, poison ivy, a tree house  and me doing the death drop off the top of the swing set. I got hurt on all of them, and I am here still to tell about it. Now, I watch my own children play outside, and I get this sick feeling in my stomach that they’re going to get hurt. I am always begging them to slow down or not go so high. How did I ever survive as a child? Even better, how did my mother survive with so many of us to worry about? This blog post is a good reminder of safety, though. Another tip for preventing sunburn is buying UV/UVB swimsuits. My 3-year-old is allergic to sunscreen, and I have to keep her covered from head to toe. Solartex has a good selection and is not bad on prices. Another tip: Do not let your children wear shorts to a playground and go down a slide that is exposed to the sun. Better to avoid all playgrounds during the heat of the day. Even holding onto the sides to climb can burn their hands. Also, remember, if you go to a playground, bring antibacterial wipes to clean their hands before you give them a snack. Yes, it has been said I might be just a little over-clean or over-protective. Can you tell?Darla Lindauer


3. Red Tricycle

By: The site is managed by many contributors; Scott Wardell gets the credit for this post.

What blog is about – “We deliver the best local news for hip people who happen to be parents, too: kid-friendly restaurants, events, stores, sales, products, and things to do.”

Featured post – 15 Stylish Bean Bags To Lounge On – “Check out some of the more outrageous bean bags we’ve come across that would make a fun addition to any kid’s room.”

I love bean bags! Well, I used to anyway. Growing up, each of us had our own bean bag. Of course they were not as decorative as these, and ours were made out of some kind of plastic cover it seemed, but they were still awesome. I remember my brother, sisters and I fighting over them, using them to hit each other and, best of all, when you went to sit down, you would go flying off the back and hurt yourself, and everyone else would be laughing. Such wonderful times! Ha. I do remember curling up on it, falling asleep or just watching some TV. The best way to tell if you are too big for a bean bag is when you have to roll yourself off of it like a beached whale just to get up. I know this, because I did not want to give up my bean bag. Problem is, the bean bag was for a small person, not a teenager. Some of the bean bags in the post are quite expensive, but some are reasonableI say get one if you have the room. They do make memories.Darla Lindauer


4. DIY Cozy Home

By: Linda Jacobs – “I love everything DIY.’ From crafts for the holidays, decorating my home and even experimenting with oils and herbs as homemade lotions, potions and remedies.”

What blog is about – Creative inspiration for your home and health.

Featured post – DIY Staircase Drawers – “Imagine all the things you could store in your stairs and make your home that much more clutter free.”

I do not have stairs in my house, but if I did, this would be a must have! I love to organize and hide things out of sight, but still have full access to them when I need them. Another awesome idea is ottomans that open up to store things. I have a little kitchen nook for dining in my kitchen that has benches and they open up for storage, too. All year long, when I need something for taxes, I toss it in one of the benches. When it comes tax time, I have everything I need, no looking around. I know that mirror cabinets seem to not be the thing to do anymore, but if you have a mirror in the bathroom, why not? I love mine! And you can get some really nice ones. I got my daughter one of those beds with stairs that go up and the steps have drawers. It also has a desk with five shelves next to it, a desk drawer and cabinet, and a full book shelf under it. This is perfect in a small room; it gave me double the space. I am able to use the back portion of space under the bed for storage of winter clothes without taking up space  but still allowing for easy access. I have learned that being OCD clean and a mother do not mix well, but it causes you to be creative. I love space organization!Darla Lindauer


5. The Crazy Cat

By: I am sure there is a person who manages the site. I am just not able to find a name. Crazy Cat gets the credit.

What blog is about – Everything Cat!

Featured post – The Crazy Cat

I think I have mentioned this at some time, but if I had to choose, I am pretty sure I would choose a dog over a cat, but who does not like kittens? They are so cute and fuzzy! Be careful saying that though, or you might get one for Christmas like I did 12 years ago!!! Ha-ha. I still have my cat and I believe he might be the best cat ever for me. My OCD does not like animals inside the house, but my heart won’t let me put him outside. It is like I am arguing with myself, which might be more of a therapist conversation. Ha! My cat is funny, though. He does not like eating alone. I will give him food, but he wants me to stand in the kitchen with him. When I leave, he follows me and stares at me and meows until I go back in the kitchen. Well, I say he meows, but I got him as a rescue pet, and I think something was wrong with his vocal cords. He never meowed for years, then a while back he started this sound like it might be a meow. Be careful of this site. You can not just look at one picture! And be prepared to say AWWWW.  Darla Lindauer



By: “A 12-year-old tween girl stuck inside the mind of a 21-year-old.”

What blog is about – All things sassy and sweet

Featured post – Top 10 wackiest celeb baby names – “I’ve found the best/worst baby names from our favorite celebs.”

I was just discussing this issue, as I am sure many people were, once Kim Kardashian and Kanye West released the name of their baby girl, North West. The only way the parents can get away with this and the child not be bullied for it has to be money. When someone has money, it is strange how all of a sudden their words and choices make so much sense and are “OK” to others. It is all part of trying to be in with the “in crowd,” I think. I heard a report on how they wanted to name her North because it was the most high place. Correct me if needed, but once you add the last name West to the end, doesn’t that change the most high place to a lower place diagonally? Ha-ha! As a parent who is an average person, I thought about my girls names and how they could be teased. So far, I think I did OK. It is so funny to read this list of names, though. Normally, I would say, “That poor child, but I think they will be just fine with the name. They might, however, miss out on knowing the real meaning of a dollar. I am sure there are a lot of us who wished we did not know that, though. Ha-ha.Darla Lindauer


7. Inspiration Laboratories

By: Trisha Stanley – “A mom, a wife, a teacher, a follower of Christ, a writer, a science nerd, and a believer in encouraging learning through creativity and play.”

What blog is about – Encouraging learning through creativity and play.

Featured post – Fun Ways to Practice Math

This site is just the beginning to invent ways to learn new things. I am a firm believer in no child is too young if you make it fun. No, you don’t sit a toddler down like in a classroom for hours to teach them, but my mom taught both my girls from birth pretty much the basics. My 3-year-old can count to 100, spell her name, write her name, read some words, and is learning to write her numbers even now. When she was 2 years old, we played bingo with numbers and she could read the number off the ball herself. This site can help you learn different ways to help your child learn the basics early to provide them a good start for school. It is hard to try and learn social skills and all the basics at the same time. My mother is amazing!Darla Lindauer


Compiled by Darla Lindauer. If you would like your or someone else’s blog to be considered for this column, email

by Darla Lindauer
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Darla Lindauer, Data Team Manager of the News and Information Center, has been with OPUBCO Communications Group for six years. During this time, she has been successful in developing and implementing multiple strategic operations leading to a...
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