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Darla's Blog Picks - Oklahoma hit a top 11 list! 45 uses for lemons, turn any surface into a touch screen and more!

by Darla Lindauer Modified: August 23, 2013 at 9:05 am •  Published: August 23, 2013

1. 11 Points

By: Sam Greenspan – “A Midwest-born, classically-trained journalist, now living and working in Los Angeles as a writer (and now, officially, an author as well).”

What blog is about – “11-item lists, covering topics ranging from TV and movies to the Internet and video games to food and dating to politics and race relations.”

Featured post –11 Most Redneck Cities in the U.S.

We made it! Oklahoma came in No. 3 on the list and Tulsa came in at # 5!! Don’t you feel so proud? The original study based it on high school dropouts, gun and ammo stores, taxidermists, cowboy boot stores, country radio stations, NASCAR racetracks nearby, Walmarts, and riding lawn mower and tractor repair shops (all per capita). I do not think any of these things make us what they call “Rednecks.” I personally think that term should be changed to open-minded and creative. I have to admit when I saw the last picture on the post, I thought to myself, “good idea!” So, does that make me a redneck? I think if I am ever in a situation where I need to cook meat — and I did not know I was going to be cooking it — and a cart is nearby, I could have come up with this. However, in this photo, it does look like a backyard fire pit, so, stealing a cart to cook your meat at home, while still inventive, does fit the profile of redneck. Ha-haDarla Lindauer

2. Venture Beat

By: This site is managed by a staff of writers; this post is by Sean Ludwig.

What blog is about – Tech, people, money

Featured post –Microsoft-backed app that turns any surface into a ‘touch screen’ now on sale

When I first saw this my reaction was, that is so cool, I have to have it! But, then as the initial amazement wore off, I realized that there is a lot of interaction being done over a large space which would require me to either stand for long periods of time just to play, or sit and stretch over the table just to reach something. Neither of those seems like a very cool thing to do for any amount of time unless I can count this as yoga or something. I then began to wonder really how popular this would be in a personal setting at all. Who really wants to use their wall to display all their email or facebook accounts? I can see it now, my girls trying to use this and the fighting starts, so one throws herself on the table so the other one can not see it. They are so funny when they sister fight. I guess the positive side would be the actual computer did not get damaged in the fight. For business, however, I think this is a very unique way of getting the attention of prospective customers and the cost is not that much!Darla Lindauer

3. Life Hacker

By: The site is maintained by many, Alan Henry gets credit for this post.

What blog is about – Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done.

Featured post – This Graphic Explains Everything you Need to Know About Eating Sushi

OK, I have a confession. I have never eaten sushi. I guess since it is usually me and my girls out to eat, we opt for cooked things. I have done research on it. I have asked questions about it. I have even stalked some people at my work who eat it, watching them while they eat! I think I would say I have a little bit of an obsession over sushi, and I think my only cure will be to eat it.  I am not sure if I have a phobia of raw meat or I am more worried I won’t do something right! I do not want to offend the chef. Who knew there was a specific way to eat something? Here is my philosophy on food: If it tastes good, eat it. If it does not taste good, don’t eat it. There is, however, one exception. I would never complain to a host about food given to me. So, now I need to set a time to eat sushi, I need to find an expert to go with me, or maybe not. I am not sure I want to know what I am eating. I watched a video someone posted in the comments of this blog post on the proper way to eat sushi and I wondered why the bites have to be so big. It seems to me there should be a standing war between eating sushi and the etiquette of not stuffing your mouth full of food. Do they make miniature sushi for kids? – Darla Lindauer

4. Reality POD

By: This site is managed by many contributors; the credit for this post goes to Saaqib Malik.

What blog is about – Gadgets, culture, how to, apps and tech

Featured post – Top 10 New Medical Technologies that Make You Live Longer

These topics obviously can be very controversial. Even as I read through this list, I was torn about how amazing the technology is, but, at the same time, I kept asking the question, ‘Should we be trying to do all of this?’ Are we messing with the circle of life? But then the sci-fi geek side of me can see a lot of possible “B-rated” movies that could come from or have come from these technologies. Here is what I can say for certain. I do not want my consciousness put on a computer forever. Do not try and save me by giving me a transplanted head or body, and I do not want to be in suspended animation. I would, however, love to be the “Bionic Woman!” Darla Lindauer

5. Real Farmacy

By: I do not see a reference to any one person on the site or this post so, credit goes to Real Farmacy.

What blog is about – Healthy news and information

Featured post –45 Uses for Lemons that Will Blow Your Socks Off

Well, my socks are still on. I am not sure which one of these uses was supposed to “blow my socks off,” according to the title of the post. My daughter saw me reading this post. She has Asperger’s and thinks literally. I then had to explain the meaning of the phrase which did not help. I will say there are quite a few tips in here that I will be trying. Who knew a lemon was so good for you! Something you must know though, lemon juice can strip the enamel off your teeth and it makes them weak. I have some tips for you. 1. Add the lemon juice to at least 8 oz. of water to dilute the effect on your gums and teeth. 2. Brush your teeth, but wait one hour after you take the lemon juice. The acid causes the enamel to be soft and brushing right away can be more harmful. 3. Chew some sugar-free gum to help remove the left over lemon from your teeth. Remember, this list is just tips. Do not replace medical advice with lemon remedies. I am not so sure I would try too many of the medical ones myself.Darla Lindauer

Compiled by Darla Lindauer. If you want to suggest blog to be considered for this column, email

by Darla Lindauer
Data Team Manager
Darla Lindauer, Data Team Manager of the News and Information Center, has been with OPUBCO Communications Group for six years. During this time, she has been successful in developing and implementing multiple strategic operations leading to a...
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