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Darla's Blog Picks - Riley Cooper apologizes for racial slur, bizarre bacon, inventions and more!

by Darla Lindauer Modified: August 2, 2013 at 9:05 am •  Published: August 2, 2013

1. Speakeasy

By: The site is run by many contributors and editors. This post is by Lyneka Little.

What blog is about – Media, entertainment, celebrity news and the arts.

Featured post – Eagles Player Riley Cooper Apologizes for Racial Slur – “Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper spoke to the media to apologize for using a racial slur in a video that went viral on YouTube.”

Two people in the public eye have been “caught” using a racial slur towards the African-American race lately. One of them gets her life stripped away, but the other gets a fine because he is an important person to the team he plays for. Am I the only person who sees anything wrong with this? Is this not a sign that society in itself is prejudice? If one gets stripped of their life, they both should. Honestly, I am not sure why the world has to get involved. I have a very strong belief that everyone, no matter what nationality, amount of money or position you hold in society, is the same to me in my eyes. I do not get the “star-struck” feeling of anyone. We all are human, we all make mistakes and we all die. Of course, it is a mistake to call anyone something that is not nice, but are they sorry for saying it, or sorry they got caught? Another thing, you don’t ”accidentally” say a racial slur. Babies don’t accidentally cuss. They learned it from an older person. Unless you have a medical condition that makes you randomly blurt things out without control, if you use a slur when speaking, you most likely have used the term before. The words “I am sorry” should be taken as seriously and strongly as the words “I love you.” Don’t abuse them. – Darla Lindauer



By: I am not able to find the name of a person. The credit will go to

What blog is about – “Best videos on the Web. Suitable for all ages.”

Featured post – Twistable jars help prevent peanut butter knuckles

I look into the jar, I see peanut butter on the side and I know it is going to get on my hand. I take the time to wash my hands before I stick my fingers down into the deep cavern-like jar to retrieve the last bit of the peanut butter. Who knew that knuckles were the best cleaner of the insides of jars? It is inevitable: peanut butter knuckles every time! Ha-ha. The idea of a twist-up jar is amazing and so simple that it makes me groan, which I did by the way. Why in this world did I not think of this when it is a huge pet-peeve of mine? So, now I have a question for myself … Why was I OK with getting aggravated every time I made a peanut butter sandwich? I just accepted it as as-is. Again, groan. I have a feeling quite a few of you are thinking the same thing right now. Well, join the non-imagination club with me on this one. Now, if it comes to the jars costing an outrageous price, I will still be licking my peanut butter knuckles. – Darla Lindauer


3. Delish

By: Kiri Tannenbaum –

What blog is about – “Provides recipes for all lifestyles and covers food as it’s buzzed about in the moment.”

Featured post – Bizarre Bacon: 12 Weird Bacon Products You Won’t Believe – “Is there anything that beats the aroma of smoky strips of bacon in a pan?”

Why is it that bacon is so yummy? I have a few off-limit foods that have the potential to make me as big as a house, and bacon is one of them! Honestly, I have not ventured out too much with bacon. I have preferred just eating bacon by itself and a lot of it! With that said, I am not sure I would enjoy all these foods. A bacon gumball or a lollipop? I do not think I want to try it. It would only make me want the real thing. The rest of them, I am definitely up for trying. I think I was in heaven when the restaurant Waffle House had an all-you-can-eat-anything menu. Yes, I went in and ordered only bacon. I should be very glad I am still alive to tell you about it. Ha-ha.– Darla Lindauer


4. Googol Learning

By: From what I can tell, the site is maintained by a staff of people. At the end of this post it makes a reference to Judi Vankevich, best known as “Judi The Manners Lady,” so the credit may be to both.

What blog is about – Entertaining resources that inspire math and create an interest in learning.

Featured post – Manners for Boys: “Gentlemen” – An Endangered Species? – “In our modern culture of media, athletics, politics, schools and at the local grocery store, there seems to be fewer and fewer ’Gentlemen’ to be found.”

Sadly, it does seem like the gentlemen of the world may be on the verge of becoming extinct. I remember watching my grandfather and how he took pride in how he presented himself and how he treated my grandma and my mother as the women in his life. I think the downturn in this gentlemanly behavior is one of the bad things to come from the women’s liberation movement. I am all for equality, but who said manners had to go out the window? In a world that is moving at such a fast pace, take the time to stop and appreciate courteous behavior. Men, teach your boys these things. Women, letting a man be a gentleman is not losing your independence. Those are my opinions.– Darla Lindauer


5. Modern Health Talk

By: The site looks to be maintained by Wayne Caswell.

What blog is about – “Health reforms and tech solutions for safe, healthy and independent living at home.”

Featured post – TEK Robotic Mobilization Device – “Provides the opportunity of movement for people with paraplegia by enabling them to independently stand.”

I never knew there was such technology out there. It is amazing. My mind starts to race when I see things like this. Will they make a waterproof cover for them to go into the shower? What are the weight limits? Will it work on different types of terrain? Just from watching these videos, I see positive and negatives of both. Either way, you would have to make sure it is charged up well or you will be stuck. The testers in the video had the look of joy to be more independent; It is too bad the expense of this technology will keep 99 percent of the population from ever trying it. I then wonder, why is so much money spent on research and technology of such a product when only a handful of people will ever be able to buy it? I cannot see it being covered by insurance companies any time soon. Where is the return on investment? It is exciting to know the technology is out there, but if you cannot do anything with it, then what is the point? Bragging rights. I understand some people need to be recognized for a job well done and others being recognized for investing in the breaking technology, but does it really matter when it cannot be used to help? Just a thought – Darla Lindauer


Compiled by Darla Lindauer. If you would like your or someone else’s blog to be considered for this column, email

by Darla Lindauer
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