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Darla's Blog Picks - Royal Ghost of Windsor, fall fashion dos and don'ts, hidden artwork and more

by Darla Lindauer Published: October 11, 2013


By: Virginia Lamkin – “Retired teacher and I have been a ghost investigator for over 20 years. I am the founder of Central New Mexico Ghost Investigations.”

What blog is about – Ghost investigations

Featured post – The Royal Ghosts of Windsor Castle

The more I write, the more I realize that in almost every topic, whether it is technology, politics, religion or paranormal, I seem to fight with myself on all of it. I honestly believe in ghosts and demons and angels being around us all the time, but then the logical part of me needs hard proof to give in to the idea of it at the same time. I would love to accompany someone on a ghost hunt. I have watched so many on TV, and I am not sure I believe any of that. I do, however, believe when other people tell their stories. It is hard for people to accept the unexplained, yet it is true. I am living proof of that. When I got bit by a fiddleback spider as a young child, I was very sick. And, although I don’t remember much about it, I do remember being in the hospital and my mother and father praying a lot. I remember a lady being in my bed and holding me, and when I woke up my sickness was all gone, as if I had never been bitten. Later I was told there was no lady with me other than my mother. Doctors were in shock. So, the question is, do you believe it? – Darla Lindauer


By: There are a number of contributors to this site. Credit for this post goes to

What blog is about – “The number one website for time and date information & services.”

Featured post – Columbus Day in United States

I have never really sat down and researched this holiday. I just knew from school that Columbus was the one who discovered America. Who knew the holiday was so controversial! I did not know that not all areas of the United States celebrated the holiday. South Dakota celebrates “Native American Day” and Berkeley, Calif., celebrates “Indigenous People’s Day.” I guess, again, it is something each person holds their own opinion of.Darla Lindauer


3. Plan OKC

By: There are a number of contributors.

What blog is about – A site with a long-range plan with the goal of ensuring a healthy environment, community and economy for the residents of Oklahoma City.

Featured post – PlanOKC Crowd Gauge Survey

With our city growing so much, it is nice to know residents’ opinions are being considered for future plans. I am not sure if this survey will really be used to help sway a decision one way or another on how funds are allotted, but it cannot hurt. My number one topic seemed to be focused on education in both parts. I think if we can get a lot of participation, the results may have a bigger impact.Darla Lindauer


4. Twisted Sifter

By: The site does not make reference to any name other than Twisted Sifter.

What blog is about – “To sift, sort, and summarize the best of the visual Web to keep you up-to-date and in the know.”

Featured post – 40 Hidden Artwork Painted on the Edges of Books

I don’t know about you, but I have this desire to pick up every book I see now and bend the pages. The unknown is what kills me. What if that one book I don’t pick up has the secret to life hidden in it? This is amazing. How did I not know this existed? I guess the word “hidden” is why, but still, you would have thought I would have heard about it before now. My favorite one has to be The Holy Bible. The talent that goes into such an amazing painting just blows my mind. This is something you might see a computer do in current times, but the time and effort put into creating such a masterpiece is truly something I think we miss out on by having so much technology. In doing some research, there were even a few double fore-edged books. Amazing.Darla Lindauer

5. Glamour Fashion

By: Nikki Ogunnaike

What blog is about – Fashion

Featured post – The Dos and Don’ts of Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

Every time I see a “do and don’t” list I am sucked right in. So, I decided to bring you with me today. I have to say, unlike most runway fashion shows, I did not see anything I wouldn’t at least attempt to wear in this post. A very important tip to keep in mind when wanting to buy a runway design: Do not expect to look like the model unless you are quite thin and have a group of makeup artists and designers around. Ha-ha. The average person is not nearly as tall or thin as a model. I still do not understand why designers make the clothing so small. My least favorite? Their version of leopard print. It looks more like polka dots. My favorite is the houndstooth. – Darla Lindauer


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