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Darla's Blog Picks - The Royal baby's last name? Abandoned places, hidden cameras, gluten facts and more

by Darla Lindauer Modified: July 26, 2013 at 9:36 am •  Published: July 26, 2013

1. Babble, Mom

By: Monica Bielanko – “I have practiced and perfected the dark arts of couch dining, clandestine boozing, bambino wrangling, wide-open domestic warfare, and modern love.”

What blog is about – Mom stuff

Featured post – What Will The Royal baby’s Last Name Be and Why? – “What will the baby’s last name be? What is William’s last name, for that matter?”

How have I gone this long and not even thought of this before? The Royal family does not have last names. Who knew? I can only assume that I am not the only person who did not know this, so I had to share to increase your knowledge … since this is very important information for you know. Ha-ha. I will admit, I was a “Royal Watcher” this past week, but then I also watch Lifetime shows of babies being born like an addict, too. So, it was most likely just the baby. I know one thing, the Royal family members have to have great memories! Did you know, if they have a surname/last name, it is the house name, which is the place name. Confusing, huh? Apparently, William and Harry used ”Wales” as their surname for the military. I do not know how they keep up with all the names. They must have some cue cards somewhere when speaking of all the relatives. It is like a huge geography lesson when looking at the family tree! I was never good at geography. I found a page that has The British Royal Family tree, with pictures. See if you can figure out all the names. I guess when it comes down to it, only the first name stays once you become queen or king, and the third in line for the throne now is George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, to be known as Prince George of Cambridge.– Darla Lindauer


2. Global Healing Center

By: From what I read on the site, it looks as though all credit goes to Dr. Edward F. Group III.

What blog is about – Natural health and organic living.

Featured post – Do you know these 9 facts about Gluten? – “Gluten sensitivities and gluten intolerance are on the rise, making gluten a very popular topic.”

So, as you will read, gluten allergies/sensitivity is on the rise. Things like this confuse me, just like when I talk to a friend of mine Amanda Thomas, my “green” friend.  Here I am, an intelligent person I would say, and until I really started reading about this topic, I didn’t have a clue gluten was so bad. Call it blind ignorance. Here is my question: When did gluten get so bad? Well, No. 1, I had to remind myself that Google is not the Bible. Ha! There are some very serious people out there with very scary conspiracy theories; I was almost ready to convert to the nongluten religion before I got out of the Google maze! Ha-ha. I did find this, though. Gluten has been there, always will be and there will always be celiac disease. People assume gluten-free is healthier, and it is for those with the disease. Otherwise, for those of us who do not need the nongluten diet, it is lower in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Some say it helps with autism; I have a daughter with Asperger’s, and this diet has been suggested. My answer/question is still. Why do healthy foods cost so much more?Darla Lindauer


3. Interesting Engineering

By: Kostadinov – “I have a bachelor degree in Biology and along with some natural sciences, my interests include also web design, cars, engines, vehicles, technologies and engineering and many more.”

What blog is about – Cool inventions, reinventions

Featured post – New Electric Scooter Could Change The Way We Perceive These Vehicles – “The Company claims that their design is safer, more efficient, more useful, and not too expensive at the same time.”

You know I applaud anyone who has an idea for less fuel pollution and compact means of transportation. Really, it is because it looks to be a clean, efficient way to get somewhere. However, every time I see one, I laugh. I have at least two people in my neighborhood who go down my street on a scooter. One is a big guy with long hair, tattoos and a leather jacket on a small baby blue scooter; the other is a businessman riding on a black scooter with red flames down the side. Surely they have to know it is amusing? Ha-ha. I would say I live closer to the “redneck” area of town. I might even be as confused as one at times. Yes, I owned a Bronco with a battery converter to route power to a wall unit air conditioner out the back of the truck. Ha! This new scooter invention could be a huge mistake around the creative type. Why did they ever put a picture of this scooter with a person inside the open part? Did they really need some people to do it to add it to a warning label? Look up redneck scooters on the Internet, and this one could fit right in. I can see it now, just enough room to strap a keg of beer in there and drink it while driving down the road. Oh, and I just love the sound of the motor when the person riding the scooter exceeds the weight limit. I almost feel sorry for the motor.Darla Lindauer


4. Gizmag

By: James Holloway – “After a decade in building design engineering, he side-stepped into writing about green tech and the environment.”

What blog is about – Gizmos and technology

Featured post – Adverts with eyes know when you’re watching…and they’re already here

My thoughts do not revolve around conspiracy theories, but when I read this, my first thought was laughter. Do they really expect anyone to believe that super mega cameras that can do facial recognition is for marketing purposes only? I would like to see the businesses who could afford such a marketing test. If, by chance, and I mean a small chance, that it is only being used for marketing purposes, then I think the technology is going to waste. Why is this kind of thing not being used in all schools to watch out for bullying? No, I guess the purpose in new technology is to increase revenue. Helping people for free? Unheard of! – Darla Lindauer


5. Above the Norm 

By: Julie – Author, artist and photographer.

What blog is about – Paranormal, history, abandoned places and photography.

Featured post – The quiet church and hidden cemetery – “The church looked abandoned so we had to stop and take pictures.”

These are great pictures. I love old abandoned places. They are so sad to me, though. I hate that, for whatever reason, it got left behind. My mind wonders off into another time. I try to picture how it might have been. Why did certain things get left behind to gather the dust of the passing years? Although I am an OCD clean person, the crumbling of paint, broken floors or windows, and overgrown grass are all part of a could-be beautiful story or a sad tale of the history of the place. I think maybe the unknown is the best part sometimes. You are left with a shell, and you get to fill it with a little fantasy. I love history and finding old things and exploring new, abandoned places. Check out some creepy Oklahoma abandoned places. – Darla Lindauer


Compiled by Darla Lindauer. If you would like your or someone else’s blog to be considered for this column, email

by Darla Lindauer
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