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Darla's Blog Picks - Top 10 tech products for 2013, animated beer bottles, coupon database and more

by Darla Lindauer Modified: August 9, 2013 at 9:05 am •  Published: August 9, 2013


By: The site is managed by many contributors. The credit for this post goes to Alex Cocilova and Melissa Riofrio.

What blog is about – “12 categories including cameras, gaming, HDTV, iPhone apps, laptops, mobile, networking, printers, security, SMB, software and storage – technology buyers can find information not only on a few hundred products, but thousands.”

Featured post – The top tech products of 2013 (so far)

I asked myself this question: Why is it that I love reading and knowing about technology, but I’m still stuck in the Dark Ages when it comes to buying technology for myself? And then I answered myself, which I am pretty sure you are not supposed to do unless you are insane. Ha-ha. But here are two reasons I do not buy technology much: 1. Technology is so fluid that every time I consider buying something new, I know it will be obsolete within a month or so, and I then will have an “ancient” product again. So, why not stay with the ancient one I have? 2. The products I am using still work just fine. I hear of so many issues with new products that I think that maybe technology got prettier or smaller, but sometimes I wonder if the product has as much longevity as the old ones. It is like driving an old car made out of metal versus a car made from fiberglass. Who would win in a demolition derby? I have three TVs in my home from 2002. They work fine. Just don’t try to move them or you might hurt your back. They are heavy! Ha-ha. – Darla Lindauer


2. Geekologie

By: I did not see any person’s name, so credit goes to Geekologie.

What blog is about – “Geekologie is a website dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome.”

Featured post – Is My Bottle Moving?: Animated Beer Bottle Labels

Maybe it is just me, but when I saw this, I felt a little bit of the child in me come to life again. I remember I was always about fantasy and science fiction. I wanted so badly for things to be real. I debated with myself on whether I should be Jeannie from ”I dream of Jeannie” or Samantha from ”Bewitched.” I seemed to always lean more towards Jeannie, because she was more of a fantasy person. I loved the old Aladdin movies, too. She was quite annoying, but I liked her outfit. Think how cool it would be to have animated labels on products; it would be like Harry Potter in real life! On the other hand, I would not want to see the price of it. And, of course, there is always the issue of unless it was really magic, it would take some serious engineering! Where would the batteries go, and how do you make sure the screen does not break? My favorite of these are the Stone Ruination IPA and YETI.Darla Lindauer


3. Money Saving Queen

By: Sarah Roe

What blog is about – Printable grocery coupons, giveaways, coupon matchups, money saving forums, travel deals, restaurant deals and much more!

Featured post – My Coupon Database  – Search a database for only the things you want.

I do not know how she does this. I have heard it is a full-time job getting these things together! We have all done it. We tell ourselves we are going to be more frugal, and we clip coupons from the paper like we should and put them in our purses or wallets and go shopping, only to get home and then remember you had coupons. I get so mad. I have been so bad that I will go to clean my purse and find coupons from the month before when I tried to be frugal. Ha-ha. So, here I go again. I am going to use her site and get the coupons and go shopping this weekend. The thing I like about this site is it has so many more products that I already use. I hate being limited to one place for coupons, because they usually only have coupons for name brand products, so it does not help me much. Why can there not be coupons for the things that are not name brand and fruits and veggies? That would help me more. I have a friend and he and his wife have planned out when and what store to go to on which days so they get double coupons and who has sales and all that. I just don’t think I could do it. Someone needs to pay me for all that working and getting in and out of the car, especially with kids! I think I might just have admitted to being lazy. Ha-ha. Darla Lindauer


4. Life With Dogs

By: Neil – “I’m just a regular guy with a huge soft spot in my heart for dogs.”

What blog is about – Dog news and entertainment

Featured post – Foster Dog Saves Man’s Life

This is just one of those “feel good” moments. I think it is incredible how animals can do such amazing things. I have read reports on how animals have predicted earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. They have been noted for saving many people’s lives and improved those who are disabled. Is it possible that not having the brain of a human, who is consumed with stress and work and family, can allow them to actually see what is really going on? I found this blog post on my Facebook page thanks to my friend Laura Rowe. She is the biggest advocate for animals I know. She supports the OK Adopt a Dog rescue in Harrah that is operated by Vickie Opitz. Her rescue is run from out-of-pocket and minimal donations. She rescues and trains dogs and donates them for police dogs and to give to those who were injured serving our country to help with post-war depression. They also have quite a few dogs up for adoption who would love to have a new family! http://www.okadoptadog.comDarla Lindauer


5. Little White Lion

By: “The site is maintained by a collection of writers that find humor in almost everything.”

What blog is about – “Little White Lion is a play on the phrase “little white lies.” Are you ready to laugh at some of them?”

Featured post – Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s

Wow, this is a trip down memory lane! I had everything in this list! I guess that dates my age a bit. Oh, well. Ha-ha. My mother was awesome. We had just about every Fisher-Price toy there was. And, she still has some today! She also still has the toy salt and pepper shakers and uses them! As far as music goes, I was just like I am today. I like a little of all of it. I was part Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Joan Jett. Mix all three of those up and that is what you got with me. It is funny how I look back on myself and how I was and I have not changed a bit as far as who I am. I think those of us who went through those years got the best of both worlds. We were there for a lot of “firsts” in technology. Now, there are more improvements to what already exists. I remember waiting by the phone for a call to come in, waiting for Saturdays to watch cartoons. Imagine not knowing what your girlfriend or boyfriend is doing at all times. I do not think relationships now could survive the unknown of the era before cell phones. I do love our technology, but I do love the ’70s and ’80s.Darla Lindauer


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