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Darla's Blog Picks - Vintage candy, 'X-Men: Days of Future Past,' reverse microwaves and more

by Darla Lindauer Modified: November 1, 2013 at 12:21 pm •  Published: November 1, 2013
1. CW Collectors Weekly 

By: There are many contributors to the site; Ben Marks gets credit for this post.

What blog is about – Fashion, Design, Machines, Culture, Collectibles

Featured post – Treats or Tricks? Unfortunate Vintage Candy Wrappers

As I looked at these, I laughed, even though some of the candy wrapper designs make some references to things just not spoken of or that are taboo these days. It is like a peek back in time to days where things were thought of more simplistically. It does not mean it was correct, and cultures were quite different back then! I sometimes sit back and think, I wish I could live back in time where people did not get so offended and life seemed simple, but then I am willing to bet that it only looked that way. I think what was really happening was maybe it was not a good thing to speak your mind and you were expected to just accept life as is. If that is true, I would not do well back then. I am a very outspoken person and definitely have my own opinions. I wonder what the marketing meeting was like when they got the proposal for these campaigns! What I want to know is, why couldn’t girls have “Nestle, Yorkie” candy? Did it have testosterone in it?Darla Lindauer


2. The Telegraph

By: Many contributors to the site; Lucy Kinder gets credit for this post.

What blog is about – Many topics.

Featured post – ‘Reverse Microwave” can chill wine bottles and fizzy drink cans in 45 seconds

OK, here are my thoughts on this product. I think the inventors are amazing. I wish I had had the idea! I did some research, and the cost has not been mentioned, so I am assuming it will be quite expensive. The company has entered into an agreement with two multi-billion-dollar beverage companies for distribution and initial market testing in the Netherlands by the end of October. I can see the benefit of such a product, and it would be fun to show it off. But, personally, I have never been in an emergency situation where I needed a drink to be chilled within 45 seconds or the world would end. Yes, it will save energy to not just keep the beverage at constant cooling in the refrigerator, but you use the energy anyway to keep food cool or frozen. So really, you are adding 45 seconds of extra energy just to watch something that is very awesome. I can see a benefit in a bar setting, but for me, I might pay just to play.  – Darla Lindauer


3. WellDoneStuff

By: There are many contributors; Melissa Park gets credit for this post.

What blog is about – Tech, food and drink, home and kitchen, design, holidays

Featured post – Neuromodulation Headache Therapy

Neuromodulation is a therapeutic alteration of activity either through stimulation or medication, both of which are introduced by implanted devices. (North American Neuromodulation Society) I have suffered with cluster and migraine headaches since I was little. I am just lucky enough to not have an issue with it except once a year, since I take a daily preventative medicine. If I did still suffer, though, I am not sure how comfortable I would be with a device that is remote-controlled! Am I the only one who watches horror movies? The only thing I can think of is a major malfunction, or someone else controlling it. Just thinking of it freaks me out!Darla Lindauer


4. First Showing

By: Many contributors to site; Ethan Anderton gets credit for this post.

What blog is about – Everything movies.

Featured post – Must Watch: Amazing ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past” First Teaser Trailer

I was sitting at my desk when I turned the trailer on, and I was immediately pulled in. Someone came to my door and stood there, staring at me and said I had a glazed look in my eyes with a smile. I would say I liked the trailer  just a little. I love that they put a storyline of going into the past. It is an awesome way to get away just a little from the normal evil villain vs. X-men routine. Honestly, though, I would have liked it anyway. Can’t wait! From the time I was a little girl, I always wanted to be Storm – Darla Lindauer


5. Fine Dining Lovers

By: The site only gives credit to FDL for this post.

What blog is about – Fine Dining stories, recipes, people, photos and video.

Featured post – How to Deep Fry Your Entire Thanksgiving Dinner

As if the tryptophan in turkey was not enough to put you in a food coma, this list will surely do some serious damage to any activity planned for the day. Not to mention your cholesterol level, but I think it could be worth it for one day. I have had fried green beans, and I liked them. I can kind of imagine what most of it would taste like, but the cranberries are throwing me off a bit. I guess if you are going to give up your diet for a day, you should go all out.Darla Lindauer


Compiled by Darla Lindauer. If you would like your or someone else’s blog to be considered for this column, email

by Darla Lindauer
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