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Darla’s blog picks

by Darla Lindauer Modified: April 18, 2013 at 1:45 pm •  Published: April 5, 2013

Darla’s Blog Picks

1.  Walyou

By: From the site, it looks like Walyou is the only author. There could be more. I saw a post asking if anyone wants to write about gadgets and cool stuff to contact Walyou.

What blog is about – Get Your Geek On! Guide for new gadgets, geeky designs, mods and art.

Featured post – Cloth Printing At Home To Become A Reality In 2050 – “The Clothing Printer is only a concept at the moment, but in the distant future, it would enable people to create textiles that match their fashion taste perfectly.”

 My first thought, at first glance, was toilet seat cover dispenser. This concept is cool to think about, but what if there are machines for everything by that time. You can create a machine for everything, but you cannot change the human need to interact with others. I can only imagine how much it would cost, how many shirts will someone have to make and wear to counteract the price and make it worth it?Darla Lindauer

2. Living a Changed Life

By Jennifer Newsham – “I am a child of God, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, Weight Watchers leader, teacher, runner and a learner.”

What blog is about – This site is about her journey to lose weight after visiting her doctor one day. She has recipes, helpful tips and encouragement.

Featured post – Meal Planning on a Budget – “Eating healthy and living on a budget are two hard things to do! However, we have learned to make sacrifices in other areas, so that we can live a healthier lifestyle.”

Who can’t benefit from meal planning on a budget? I had to go read it. I found I have missed two steps in the process. I have never thought of praying prior to going to the grocery store as being an important step in budget shopping. It can’t hurt! The other thing I loved about this is the last step. Why did I not think of this? I guess if I want to overeat, I will have to get two portions out, but then my conscience will get me. Good idea, but how many plastic baggies will I go through doing this, and is that bad for the environment?Darla Lindauer

3. Little Bento Blog

By: – “I’m Yvette Bowyer and I live in Perth, Western Australia. Little Bento Blog has evolved into my crazy ideas about Bento Lunches and Baby Led Feeding my lil squirts and how they have taken over my world!”

What blog is about –Little Bento Blog is a blog about creating Bento Style Lunches.”

Featured post – Easter Inspired Sandwiches for Lunch – “It really does offer a unique combination of nutritional needs and it contains no artificial preservatives.”

This is just adorable. I was confused on what “Bento” meant, so I had to look it up. The World English Dictionary definition: A thin box, made of plastic or lacquered wood, divided into compartments which contain small separate dishes comprising a meal. My girls will love this. My only question is, what is done with the part of the sandwich you do not give the kids. I can’t waste food, so I guess the leftover parts I eat or save it for a dish that calls for bread crumbs. – Darla Lindauer

4. Hollywood Prostpectus

By: The Grantland staff write their own perspective on a topic and pull it together for one post. Nice to get a few different views to see if they match mine.

What blog is about – A variety of topics like TV shows, music, sports.

Featured post – The Bachelor Sleeparound – “The Bachelor is about as natural a habitat for the nourishment of love as the Bronx Zoo is for a polar bear.”

I cannot quite remember what originally got me watching this show, but I can only stand to watch the last 10 minutes of it. I have to agree with part of this review. I cannot see how any true relationship can spark from this show. Who are these men and women and how did our society become numb to a man or women “being with” multiple people at one time? Am I the only person who has an issue here? But yet, I find myself needing to know every week what happens.– Darla Lindauer


5. All – Swagga

By: Alvin – “My name is Alvin and I’m the father of two and King to my Queen who brings our family unconditional love and joy. I am a clever dad, mentor, instructor, basketball coach, and a Big Brother Big Sister volunteer. I specialize in computer network defense and information assurance. I’ve lived overseas and have traveled to more places than I am able to recall.”

What blog is about – family, men, manhood, confidence.

Featured post – 31 Traits Men Find Attractive in Confident Women – “The woman who appeals to a man’s vanity may stimulate him, the woman who appeals to his heart may attract him, but it is the women who appeals to his imagination who gets him – Helen Rowland”

At first glance of the topic, I thought, who needs a list. Men like confident women. But, I quickly stopped and thought a moment of a time when I saw a physically healthy women wearing an outfit that did not suit her features and I was reminded that not all confidence is as attractive as one might think. This list is a good one, but I would like to see the woman who has all these features all the time. I can make a list of features women like in a man, but I do not think he would exist either.Darla Lindauer

6. Dishfuntional Design

By: Laura Beth Love – Artist, Jewelry Designer, Creative Up-cycler, Free Spirit, Food Lover, Rocker, Baker, Daydreamer, Mom.

What blog is about – A blog about creative ideas in crafts, and up-cycled, innovative, re-purposed art.

Featured post – Spring It On! Interesting Things made With Old Springs – “Metal, rusty, curly, bouncy, creaky, squeaky, bouncy springs! Check out what some creative folks have done with old metal springs from chairs and beds and be inspired.”

Do spring mattresses exist anymore? All I ever hear about are the memory foam ones it seems. I love the spring designs, and I love the title to the post, too! My favorite design has to be the bed springs gate. It looks great! My least favorites would be the one holding silverware and the ice cream cones, but then that is my OCD need to make sure things are clean. Darla Lindauer


7. The Bloggess

By: Jenny – I wrote for Good Mom/Bad Mom on the Houston Chronicle, but I needed an uncensored space to say the f-word and talk about ninjas so I started this blog.  If you know me in real life you might not want to be here.

What blog is about – Well, from what I can tell, this blog is about whatever she feels like writing about. And truthfully, that is how all blogs should be.

Featured post – I assure you there is nothing of interest going on in here. “I can feel that stare from 10 yards away. Not that my toilet is 10 yards from the bathroom door. Because that would be ridiculous. And a total waste of space.”

I had to start laughing when I saw this post! I do have a cat, but he stays hidden all the time except when he wants to eat. I, instead, was reminded of my oldest daughter. She has Aspergers, and one of her things is the opposite of most: She can’t handle being alone. Well, I put my foot down on her being in the bathroom with me, and so she decided to sit outside the door and sometimes she puts her fingers under the door. It may sound sad, but, trust me, it is funny to see. Can’t take all things so seriously.Darla Lindauer

Compiled by Darla Lindauer. If you would like your or someone else’s blog to be considered for this column, email




by Darla Lindauer
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Darla Lindauer, Data Team Manager of the News and Information Center, has been with OPUBCO Communications Group for six years. During this time, she has been successful in developing and implementing multiple strategic operations leading to a...
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