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Darla’s Blog Picks

by Darla Lindauer Modified: April 18, 2013 at 1:45 pm •  Published: April 12, 2013

Darla’s Blog Picks

1.  Lifehacker

By: This blog is maintained by multiple writers; this post is by Whitson Gordon – “Orange juice enthusiast. Conflicted Linux/Mac/Windows geek. Heretical Christian. Metalhead. Tetris ninja. I usually let spiders bite me in hopes that one of them will turn out to be radioactive and then give me super powers.”

What blog is about – Tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done.

Featured post – Top Ten Ways to Breeze Through Laundry Like a Boss. – “Laundry is possibly the world’s most boring chore (heck, you’re probably bored just reading this).”

I think I may like laundry more than some, but only because it is getting something clean, but I am always all for something to make anything more efficient. I think I would make an awesome professional organizer! This particular post did not have any new tips really for me until I saw the video. The video is a must watch, I loved how quickly he was able to hang up the shirts. I will be trying this! Darla Lindauer


2. Corinne O’Flynn

By Corinne O’Flynn – “Writer of young adult fiction. Essayist. Wife. Mom. Cause Believer. Always looking on the bright side.”

What blog is about – Her books and her life. Right now she is blogging on things from A to Z.

Featured post – F for Filipendulous – “Adj. [fi-li-PEN-juh-luhs]
From Latin filum (thread) + pendere (to hang) – Suspended by, or strung upon, a thread; said of tuberous swellings in the middle or at the extremities of slender, threadlike rootlets.”

I am pretty sure this word is not the first word to come to mind when I get frustrated. Matter of fact, once I move past this post I may never remember the word again. I do not cuss, but I could think of a better shorter, easier-to-use word to express my frustrations. Ha-ha. My grandfather, who I never even heard raise his voice, used to have a huge garden in his backyard and I used to think I was his helper when I was about 4 years old. Once, he was planting his seed and he stepped away for a moment and I messed up the whole row by walking on it. I did not know I was not supposed to. Even then, he did not raise his voice. He simply said, “tin-can,” with a frustrated sound. I was so shocked I remembered it all these years. Maybe if he had said “Filiperndulous” I would have remembered it, too, but probably not.Darla Lindauer


3. 1 Funny (The #1 Clean Humor Website)

By – I cannot find who runs the site nor who updates it, but it is current, so the credits go out to “unknown.”

What blog is about – Random clean videos, pictures and funny posts.

Featured post – Toddler Takes the Short Cut – Toddler gives up trying to figure out which hole the block goes in.

I loved watching the video, especially at 0:12 seconds into the video. I do not agree with the title, though. Why should she have to take the long route? Yes, I know it is important for babies to learn skills, but in my book and having a daughter with autism, I thought it was very smart of her to do that. A lot of adults could take a lesson from such a cute video. Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be! But you can’t help but smile watching!Darla Lindauer


4. Retro-Zombie

By: A guy named Jeremy – “I love zombies and this site once was an all-zombie site. Now, it is more of an all-things RETRO from books, art, ads, etc.”

What blog is about – Zombies, books, art, retro topics or things.

Featured post – Gone… 1980-1984 Part: One – Cancelled TV shows from 1980-1984.

Ok, I think I might have skipped over these years. I should remember more than two of the shows on this huge list. I remember “Charles in Charge” and how I thought it was not entertaining. I also remember “V,” and I loved it! I have always loved science fiction. On weekends I keep the TV in my room usually on the SyFy channel and just watch whatever comes on as I walk in and out cleaning. The older the better! I love watching spaceships come across the screen on a string. But really, this is a huge list of shows I missed completely. – Darla Lindauer


5. Mystiqueparanormal’s Blog

By: Samantha M. is the one assigned to this post, but it seems there might be other contributors. Samantha says, “Please enjoy our blogs, which we are aiming to post on a weekly basis at this time!”

What blog is about – Paranormal activity, ghosts and investigations.

Featured post – HELP! My House is Haunted – “Always keep in mind that what we think of as ‘ghosts’ are actually just people without bodies.”

When I read about these things, part of it I do believe in and part of it I think is funny. I believe there are demons and angels amongst us. I believe that some things we do can allow more access to demons than others, but I do not think it is limited to Ouija boards and tarot cards and other objects related. I believe the only reason they could work is because people believe in it. My best friend, Jalaine, laughs at me because I tell her if someone believes hard enough, even a pretty hair ribbon could be the link to welcome a demon in. The part where I start thinking things are funny is the recipes to be cured of demons. I am not a ritualistic person; I will just stick to praying.Darla Lindauer


6. Wild about Ants

By: Roberta Gibson – “I am an entomologist and writer.” She studied carpenter ants as a graduate student at Cornell University.

What blog is about – Ants. That is it. Well, I did see a few pictures of bees, but I am sure an ant was in there somewhere.

Featured post – Planet Ant – Life Inside the Colony – “They have taken an entire leafcutter ant colony and placed it into a very large, very cool ant farm.”

I am so amazed at just how much there is to say about ants. My first thought was, this is the craziest topic to blog on. I personally spray to keep them out of my house and, as long as it works, I have not given ants a second thought. Now, I cannot seem to stop watching this documentary. So, either they did the documentary very well or I really am interested in it. I think it is both. Did you know a queen ant can lay up to 30,000 eggs or more a day! This is the site if you ever have a question about ants! Enjoy.Darla Lindauer


7. Gina’s Skinny Recipes

By: Gina Homolka – “Raised on Long Island, I’m a busy mom of two girls, and I currently reside in Oceanside, NY, with my husband and children. My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, clean, whole foods and maintain good portion control.”

What blog is about – healthy, low-fat, family-friendly recipes.

Featured post –  Hot and Spicy Buffalo Shrimp Dip – “Move over buffalo wings, this hot and cheesy shrimp dip will have everyone going back for more!”

When I saw this picture and saw the word shrimp, I thought I was dying and going to heaven. I love cheese, hot things and shrimp.  I think my mission in life is to try any kind of dip that is related to queso. I eat chips and dip, nachos every week a few times. I might not eat anything else but healthy stuff all week, but I will eat chips and some kind of queso. I have definitely found a new blog to follow! – Darla Lindauer

Compiled by Darla Lindauer. If you would like your or someone else’s blog to be considered for this column, email


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