Data shows most concealed carry applications are approved in Oklahoma

Ninety-two percent of applications were approved in 2011, according to Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Most denials were due to false or misleading statements on the application.
Oklahoman Published: August 13, 2012

Concealed carry license denials

Of 26,367 concealed carry license applications in Oklahoma in 2011, 24,018 were approved and 975 were denied, a positive approval rate of about 92 percent.

A heavy majority of denials (748) were due to false or misleading statements on a license application, but other denials included:

• Prior conviction on illegal drug use or possession charges — 88

• Prior conviction on a violent misdemeanor — 7

• Prior domestic abuse conviction, or violation of a protective order — 30

• Attempt at suicide, or another condition relating to or indicating mental instability within the previous 10 years — 2

• Currently undergoing treatment for mental illness, condition or disorder — 16

• Involuntary commitment for mental illness — 5

• Previous treatment for mental illness — 15

• Inpatient treatment for substance abuse — 2

• Two or more prior convictions for public intoxication — 3

Most others either had prior felony convictions in Oklahoma or elsewhere, were serving out a deferred sentence on a felony charge, or had previously been adjudicated as delinquent.

Another 40 concealed carry permits were revoked in 2011, and another 145 were suspended.

Two were revoked and one was suspended because the individual with the permit attempted suicide or indicated mental instability otherwise, according to Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Zeke Campfield, Staff Writer

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