Mobile Alert Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NewsOK text messaging (SMS) service?
Text Messaging - sometimes known as SMS (short messaging service) - is a way of communicating short messages via your wireless phone. Most (but not all) handsets have this feature. provides text message alerts to our readers/viewers/customers for receiving breaking news alerts, local sports scores, information queries and mobile coupons.

Which Cell Phone Carriers support your SMS service?
Just about any carrier that your cell phone operates on should work. Specifically, we work on:
Verizon Wireless
Others may work as well - just try it!

How much does it cost? does not charge any fee to use our SMS service. However, your mobile provider's standard rates for sending and receiving text messages still apply.

Depending on the text messaging plan you have selected with your carrier, you will be charged by your carrier for each message sent from and received by your wireless device. Your standard text messaging rates apply to messages sent and received.

How often can I use it?
You can use our text message alert services as often as you like.

I sent in a text message and I never received anything back, what happened?
Unfortunately, SMS text messages may fail to be received or may be delayed for large amounts of time for various reasons, which we have no control over. Depending upon carrier loads and network usage, it is not uncommon for messages to be delayed for hours or even never received. This is certainly not the norm, but sometimes cell phone messages just get lost.

But, first of all verify that you have Text Messaging enable on your cell phone account with your carrier. If you have never sent or received a text message before, there is a good chance that SMS was never enabled on your phone. Call your carrier and ask to have text messaging enabled and pick a plan that is right for you.

On the other hand, if you are sure that SMS is enabled on your phone and you still haven't received anything back after 15 minutes, verify the message you are sending and try again. If that still fails to work call your carrier and explain the problem.

How do I halt text message (SMS) Alerts?
If you have subscribed to text message (SMS) Alerts or other services provide by and want to stop receiving them, send "STOP" to 65360 (OK360). This will unsubscribe you from all our services and halt all of your text messages. If you would like to re-activate them, go back to and re-enable your selected services.

I have a question not answered by this FAQ. What do I do?
If you need further help, please email us at or contact us 1-800-527-2773.