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Book Review: ‘Days of Gold’ finds treasure in romance

Oklahoman Published: January 24, 2010
Jude Deveraux’s "Days of Gold” (Atria Books, $20.99) takes place in 1766 and features Edilean Talbot, a young, beautiful Englishwoman who is struggling to escape an evil uncle. He is forcing her into a loveless marriage in order to get the gold she will inherit on her 18th birthday.

Brought to Scotland by her uncle, she meets Angus McTern, the laird of the clan. His grandfather gambled away the family’s land and castle, but McTern still looks after the family. Edilean is everything McTern hates, but he, like everyone else, is dazzled by her beauty.

When Edilean needs help, she cajoles Angus into helping her reclaim the gold she inherited from her father. Angus is accused of kidnapping and theft, and he must leave Scotland to avoid prosecution.

They travel by ship to the New World, and though they share the same cabin, Angus manages to avoid intimacy with Edilean through sheer willpower.

The first half of the book focuses on Angus’ efforts to restrain himself while Edilean flirts and attempts to get closer to him. Edilean is wealthy and educated, but Angus is an illiterate Scotsman with no prospects. He believes a match between them would fail.

They overcome tremendous obstacles, endlessly pursued by the man who claims the gold for himself. In the process, they find love for each other.

"Days of Gold” is the second book in the Edilean Series that began with "Lavender Morning.” Although humorous, passionate and adventurous, Deveraux’s book is more romance than history. Her fans will not be disappointed.

— Betty Lytle