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DC Comics goes to zero to explain it all

In September, DC Entertainment will publish a zero issue for its 52 titles, a move that co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio said this week will help explain the origins and effects of its rebooted characters a year after it erased decades of history and continuity to start everything from scratch.
By MATT MOORE Published: June 10, 2012

“We underestimated the hunger and appetite that readers would have for this back story when we launched,” he said. “The readership has been very intrigued in finding out the back story in the five years since the emergence of the Justice League.”

It's also a chance to bring four new titles to comic shops, too, said DiDio, who added that DC plans to keep 52 titles publishing no matter what.

After zero, all the titles will go back to their regular numbering, though each of the 52 “zero” issues will end up in a bound omnibus edition in fall. The new titles will include “Talon,” “Sword and Sorcery,” “Team Seven” and “The Phantom Stranger.”