Change The Picture and Change The Outcome

By Dear Sam Modified: February 13, 2013 at 2:17 pm •  Published: February 13, 2013

Additionally, to not reinforce the entry-level look and feel, do not lead with an education section. Unfortunately, when you are applying for positions which expect a degree, your education suddenly is not a differentiating qualification. I know that is hard to hear—you worked hard getting that diploma, after all—but if most of your competitors also have a degree, then taking up most of the top third of page one of your résumé stating that you have something everyone else also has, perhaps isn’t the best use of space.

Within your experience section, be sure you are thinking about not only what you did every day—your responsibilities—but also perhaps what you were exposed to that was different. Did you contribute to process improvement? Did you increase efficiencies? Did you receive any letters of recommendation with great excerpts you could place directly on your résumé? All of these items can and should be included, whenever possible, to further differentiate your candidacy.

I am presenting an example of a well-constructed résumé for you to review Trisha (view on You will see the résumé opens with a qualifications summary which quickly and effectively positions and differentiates the candidate. With a core skills list and fully developed experience section, the résumé structure and design proved key in opening doors and overcoming any potential disqualifiers. You have a strong background, Trisha, and I am certain that when presented in a more modern, strategic way, you will come out on top for a great accounting role.

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