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Decluttering to Sell Your House

Published on NewsOK Published: November 13, 2012

You should also eliminate any collections of objects you have, although you may display a few items. Collectibles may be a passion, but they’re very distracting for buyers. Stick instead with a few accent ornaments or pieces of art to make your home spacious and allow people to imagine what they might put there.

Don’t leave these items in boxes in your home. It creates the impression that you don’t have storage space, and you don’t want that. Your buyers will go through closets, garages, and outbuildings, which means you can’t store them on-premises. Consider renting a temporary unit or contacting the moving company to see if they will take and store items before the big move.

You should be left with a small assortment of items in daily use, paired with key items of furniture. Don’t slack off when it comes to your decluttering mission here! Make sure items like toiletries, kids’ toys, and kitchen utensils are neatly stowed in drawers, containers tucked away in cupboards, and more. This will keep the house looking tidy, and it showcases creative uses of the existing storage space. Make sure everyone in the house gets in the habit of putting things away after use, and encourage them to take that habit with them when they move, because it will make your new home much more pleasant to live in.

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