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Deer Creek parents raise concerns over bus stop safety

Parents of Deer Creek students who live in the Springer Run addition off Rockwell Avenue in Oklahoma City are concerned over the safety of their children's bus stop on Rockwell Avenue.
BY ADAM KEMP Published: October 15, 2012

“We had nine different people get in their vehicles and drive out to your stop with the question of ‘Is it a safe stop?'” McDaniel said. “They all responded with ‘Yes. It is safe.'”

Other board members argued that most of the stops in the district are off a busy road.

But Hampton, who has video documentation of 18 violations in the first 33 days of school, asked: If there is a safer alternative, why not use it?

“How many violations is it going to take to turn the bus right?” he said. “It's a safer stop on our street. We are putting transportation times or something ahead of safety, and we can't do that.”


Gibson said safety is the reason for keeping the bus out of the neighborhood, citing a study done by the Kansas Department of Education that found the most frequent cause of injuries to students was caused by their own bus.

“In a lot of ways, it's safer for the bus to drop off there in the turn lane than pulling into the neighborhood,” he said.

Gibson made recommendations to McDaniel on Thursday that he says will improve the entire district's situation.

In addition to educating students on the bus about loading and unloading procedures, Gibson said the district should establish a strong relationship with local law enforcement to crack down on law breakers and educate high school drivers who text and drive about the dangers and consequences of running the school buses stop sign.

Mary White, who has two children who ride the bus, said she thinks having the bus turn into the addition is the only option to guarantee safety.

“That's the only safe option,” she said.

“Something is going to happen, and it's going to hurt everybody that's involved. All we are asking is for three minutes.”