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Democratic Party hijacked by extreme-left liberals

Published: September 12, 2012

It's devastating that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the extreme leftists. The party scrambled to put verbiage back into the party's platform at their convention. It was made public that God and recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel were covertly left out. A party platform represents the core beliefs of the party and forms the foundation of the presidential candidate's campaign. The alleviation of the verbiage wasn't just some oversight, but a covert attempt to steer the party to a totally secular party and furthering the separation of the United States from backing Israel.

What's even more disappointing, even at the urging of their candidate, it took three votes to get the verbiage back into the platform and the third vote was a toss-up. At its so-called passage, it evoked boos from a large part of the audience.

These views aren't shared by mainstream Democrats in Middle America. In “Obama policies hurting state Democratic Party” (Our Views, Sept. 5), Drew Edmonson was quoted as saying recruiting more young people is key to the party's growth. Actually, a move back to more conservative views would get more people back in the party than recruiting young people.

Matthew Dukes, Midwest City