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Demonizing Social Media - My Interview with Satanic Monument @BaphometOKC

Adam Ray Published: January 9, 2014

Demonizing Social Media – My Interview with a Satanic Monument

As you have probably heard, Oklahoma City’s Capitol grounds have been the center of controversy lately.  Since a Ten Commandments monument was erected on the State Capitol grounds last year, groups pursuing religious freedom have fought against Oklahoma’s decision.


On Monday, an application was submitted by The Satanic Temple, a religious group from New York, to add a satanic monument to Oklahoma’s Capitol building.  The monument would represent a “symbol of religious freedom” Lucien Greaves told the Los Angeles Times.  The Satanic monument’s IndieGogo campaign has already exceeded their goal of raising $20,000 for the building and donation of the monument, and has 8 days left in its fundraising campaign.

News of Oklahoma’s possible Satanic monument has spread across the globe like hellfire.  If you are fluent in German, check it out in today’s

Just yesterday, something unsettling and exciting occurred: the monument design apparently manifested its own Twitter account, using the handle @BaphometOKC to post satirical tweets about the whole situation.  Roughly 24 hours since the account was open, ‘Lord Baphomet’ has accrued over 550 follwers.  Good and evil set aside for a moment, Lord Baphomet is certainly a digital influencer.  Signal Reach (SR) jumped at the chance to ask Lord Baphomet (LB) a few questions about his social media following:

SR: How did you manifest a Twitter account from your dimension?

LB: Human, this is not a dimensional issue, but a triumphant demonstration of my powers to reach through realms. I won’t bore you with the astrophysics, mainly because I don’t understand them.

SR: What has been your ratio of positive to negative feedback, in terms of tweets or DMs?

LB: From what my publicist/conduit tells me, the future slaves quite enjoy my work. When not stoking the fires of Hell, it turns out I have a knack for comedy. Who wouldn’t want to come and sit in the lap of my monument and reflect? It’s fun for the whole family.

SR: Is your human user the same as @CommadmentsOKC’s human user? Are you monuments friends?

LB: I think “frenemies” is the term you’re looking for. No, we do not share conduits that manage the accounts. It would be a fatal experience for the human and I’ve already had enough problems finding a good one. Rumors say I’m hard to work for, don’t know why.

SR: If you could give one piece of advice to social media influencers, what would it be?

LB: If you work hard, one day, you too can have a monument erected on the Oklahoma State Capitol Building.


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