Diamond, pearl line evolving

BY LINDA MILLER Published: May 10, 2009

/> Neyman retains the title of head stringer, and she taps the girl-dynamic workplace as one reason for the company’s success. "We’re seriously fun,” she said.

While reasonable prices for pieces made of pearls or semiprecious stones trigger sales, Neyman also has a knack for being intuitive. "As the economy has changed, we’ve changed. We’ve seen this coming and have been scaling our prices down.”

What sets Tia Mia apart from other jewelry lines? "We’re known for our approach to color,” Neyman said. "When I work, I’m not doing a piece that’s not going to enhance me. This is the one time that I can get away with ‘it’s all about me.’ If I’m spending money on it, it better look good.”

Along with unquestionable quality, other constants in the collection are the color lavender and pearls.

"I’d rather have a big honking pearl than a diamond,” she said.