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Did you know? Twinkies fun facts

Twinkies in pop culture and more
Oklahoman Published: November 16, 2012
Advertisement noted President Bill Clinton called the Twinkie an “object of enduring American symbolism” and deposited it in the National Millennium Time Capsule.

For comics readers of a certain age, Hostess is probably best-remembered for a seven-year series of ads in comic books from 1975-82 in which superheroes used sweet treats to defeat bank robberies, alien invasions and other mishaps. Heroes from both Marvel and DC Comics were featured, including Superman, Spider-Man, Batman and the Hulk. See an archive of more than 200 Hostess ads online at

In “Ghostbusters,” Dr. Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) likened the “normal amount of psychokinetic energy in the New York area” to a Twinkie and then explained that the current levels of paranormal upset would be analogous to a Twinkie measuring 35 feet long and weighing approximately 600 pounds. Winston Zeddemore's (Ernie Hudson) response: “That's a big Twinkie.”

Reginald VelJohnson's Sgt. Al Powell binges on Twinkies before he is called to the aid of Bruce Willis' John McClane when a Christmas night hostage situation goes down in a Los Angeles skyscraper in the action movie “Die Hard.”

Weird Al Yankovic attempts to cheer up a pal by making him a Twinkie sandwich in the comedy “UHF.”

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