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Dispatch from Craft Brewers Conference

Nick Trougakos Published: April 11, 2014

The annual Craft Brewers conference concludes today in Denver, and luckily for us, Marshall Brewing Co. has been in Colorado to take in the festivities.

Marshall’s director of sales and marketing, Wes Alexander, was kind enough to pass along this dispatch — in bullet-point form — from the conference’s opening address:

2014 Craft Beer State of the Industry

-Craft Growth 18% by volume in 2013

-Overall Beer Category is down 2%

-Craft prices up 2.3%

-2014 Craft Brewer Definition: More inclusive. Definition broadened

-2013 : 2,768 craft breweries

-44 closings

-413 openings

-1,744 breweries in planning

-Micro breweries: 25% volume growth

-Export: Up 49% to 282,526 bbls

-IPA Category: 40% growth

Concerns for Craft Brewers

-Regulation related to FSMA. FDA is revising rules

-Trademark and naming disputes

-Quality. Concerns with new brewers

Reasons for Optimism

-Legislative positive interest in craft breweries

-Large retailers coming around

-Capacity keeping up with growth

-Craft up to 7.8% volume share of beer market

-14% of retail sales

-Craft 110,373 jobs in 2013

-Data provided by Paul Gatza, Brewers Association director

Thanks for passing that along, Wes! As we can see, craft beer continues to grow, and while there were some closures in 2013, the overall trend of brewery openings/closings remains in an aggressive growth pattern. We can see that in Oklahoma as well, as several brewers/breweries are on the cusp of opening shop.