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DIY Projects Inspired By Wine

Published on NewsOK Published: February 15, 2013

I know that most DIY projects are inspired by things like necessity, a small or nonexistent budget, the desire for blog traffic, or some great find of a material to build a project from. Can we be honest here? Sometimes DIY projects are also inspired by things like wine, beer, a sugar craving, the unshakable need to eat frosting, or the fact that one is lonely and only has beeswax and Mason jars to keep her company that night. I am not saying that wine is necessarily a sign of self-indulgence or desperation, but sometimes it is, amiright? On its better days, wine is a delicious fermented grape product that can bring out the flavor of a meal. Wine also evokes wine country, with its patina of worn wood and its ambiance of the Mediterranean. If you are feeling inspired by wine, the following DIY projects inspired by wine could help you to turn your inspiration into a real, live DIY project that you love.

Wine cellar: I know. You think money grows on trees? So maybe if money is only growing on trees near you that have no low-hanging branches and are guarded by ferocious cobras, a custom wine cellar is still a cool DIY project.

Box wine holder: Box wine is so fun. Sometimes it tastes good, and sometimes it does not, but one thing is for sure: it always contains alcohol. Want to make your box wine look like it came from the tasting room at a fancy vineyard? Build a wooden box wine holder like Ethan from One Project Closer, a carpenter in Baltimore, did.

Two Buck Chuck jumbo wine glass: This jumbo wine glass was fashioned from a Two Buck Chuck bottle. Trader Joe's raised the price of Two Buck Chuck from $1.99 to $2.49, which would make it Two Bucks and Fifty Cents Chuck (plus tax!), but it will always be Two Buck Chuck to me.

Wine jug pendant lamps: These are actually attractive. But never mind that. I grew up with pretty much non-drinking parents, and the first time I saw one of the extra large wine jugs that make such nice pendant lamp globes, was at a relative's house at age 13. Although I didn't have much experience with alcohol at that age, I did know that when one person drinks half of one of those jugs by herself in one night, it's probably cause for concern.

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