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DIY Projects Inspired By Wine

Published on NewsOK Published: February 15, 2013

PVC pipe wine rack: This mod wine rack looks like something you'd pay $200 for at the MOMA store, except it actually is made from PVC pipe, screws, and epoxy. Make one.

Wine cork bath mat: If you have 175 wine corks, hot glue, shelf liner, and a knife (not to mention enough patience to glue down 175 wine corks), you could make a wine cork bath mat. It adds a natural-element to a ceramic tile bathroom.

Wine bottle fountain: It never hurts to add a water feature to the garden. It's a garden ornament that helps plants to grow. Although it takes some plumber and electrical contractor know how to hook up the water and electricity to this puppy, it's still an accessible project for an intermediate DIY-er.

Plant nanny: Dude, what do you do when you're taking off for the week and you don't have a single friend in your city that you'd trust to come in one time to water your plants? You make a plant nanny. The plant nanny ensures that your wine bottles will be used properly, and not hurled out your window at the cops when they break up the party that your plant waterer "accidentally" held in your apartment.

Wine cork monogrammed boxwood wreath: It's classy, not sassy, to make a wine cork heart and stick it on a handmade wreath.

Wine jug lamp: Wine jugs are awesome objects to upcycle into light fixture bases.

Wine jug and jute vases: Jute and green wine glasses impart that nautical look to any room. If you're doing "beachy", these vases are for you.

Wine cork key chain: This key chain would make DUI stops almost impossible to talk oneself out of. Nevertheless, it probably floats, and a floating key chain has its obvious advantages.

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