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DIY Upcycled Light Fixture Bases

Published on NewsOK Published: December 20, 2012

Antlers, real or fake: We’ve seen many antler chandeliers in home design circles recently, but there is no reason why a small portion of a rack couldn’t be turned into a unique table lamp base, as long as it can stand upright.

Old books: Looking for a distinct table lamp for a library or to inspire your kids to study? How about creating a lamp base from a stack of vintage or out of date books that have been drilled through the center? Glue the books together and run a lighting kit through the middle and top with a decorative shade. Similarly, old silver or porcelain teapots make sweet little table lamps and a pair of tall leather riding boots can be turned into a couple of stylish table lamps.

Metals: In addition to an inverted metal basket as detailed above, pendant lights can be created from nearly anything that is impervious to the heat of a light bulb. Wrap a wire frame with wool yarn for a cozy fixture, or hang a colorful metal colander in a kitchen for a country casual look.

Luxury goods boxes: If your teen is shopping obsessed, create a colorful lamp base made from stacking assorted sizes of Tiffany or Hermés boxes and running a light kit through the middle. For lighter weight objects such as boxes, it may be necessary to affix them to a sturdy wooden base or you might simply fill the bottom box with sand or stones for added weight.

Where ever your interests lie, there is certainly a lamp to fit your style. If wiring a lighting kit, or drilling into a found object seems a bit out of your league, a local lighting store should be able to point you in the direction of a handyman who can assist you.

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