Do-good despots don't improve lives of subjects

Published: March 11, 2013

Regarding some of the reaction to the passing of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's dictator: I find it worrisome that when despots, demagogues and other types of do-gooders make millions and even billions by pacifying, entertaining, cuddling, provoking, subjugating people in the name of “the children” or the poor or the oppressed, the downtrodden or (you fill in the blank), and do so without any real effect on improving their condition, they are praised and idolized for their good intentions. This is despite failing to produce tangible results, which by the way seldom meet their promises and usually only exacerbate the situation.

At the same time a person or group that can materially improve the lot of those parties that make lives better by creating jobs, wealth for themselves and others, which materially improve people's lives and fortunes, are called capitalist dogs, selfish, corrupt, etc.

I'm not talking about those who truly believe that their methods do help while not enriching themselves on the way. In this area, methods leave room for difference and discussion. Motives aren't enough, only results.

Bruce Smallwood, Edmond

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