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Do we have to always be content?

BY CAREY KINSOLVING Modified: September 17, 2012 at 4:12 pm •  Published: September 17, 2012

When God tells us to be content, does that include being content with disgusting things?

"Yes, at least when your mom is around. It's rude to tell your mom you don't like something she cooked," says Jessica, age 9.

Complain about Mom's cooking, and you may find yourself washing the dishes.

Now that we're on the topic of food, let's hear from Miriam, 11, on spinach: "Yes, I think spinach is disgusting. I still need to eat it to grow strong."

Oysters Rockefeller or spinach quiche might give you a new perspective on the slimy green stuff.

Most Americans can only imagine a food shortage, but a little journey to a developing country will quickly change your perspective. While promoting Habitat for Humanity's work, President Jimmy Carter said, "Most Americans don't even know a poor person."

I couldn't agree more. How can we show the love of Christ unless we're willing to step outside our comfort zone?

"Disgusting things are like if you have a baby brother or sister" says Holly, 9. "They sometimes do disgusting things. Another disgusting thing is when your dog drools."

We expect drooling from baby sisters and brothers, but not a dog. We look to dogs for protection. But when they drool between barks, it's a pathetic sight.

"God wants us to enjoy everything that we own, but if you have something disgusting, I mean really disgusting, you should probably throw it away fast," says Angela, 8.

Not so fast, says Taylor, 7: "I have a dog, and it looks ugly. I still love my dog."

Taylor, you probably would love your dog even if it drooled.

Yes, we should be content with everything we have, says Stefan, 11: "If we didn't have bees, all the flowers would die, and people think bees are disgusting."

Stefan, thanks for the great example. The eye of the be(e)holder often determines whether or not something is disgusting. Even people who are allergic to bee stings enjoy honey.

"Some things are disgusting in our eyes, but some things are disgusting in God's eyes," says Mallorie, 11. "So the things that are disgusting in God's eyes, he doesn't want us to be content with."

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