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Dodger outfielder Jay Gibbons' eyesight ‘an overall mess'

BY ED GODFREY, Staff Writer, Published: April 18, 2011

Gibbons wore glasses last year. He had the corrective procedure to keep from wearing glasses this season.

“I went through all the pros and cons, and I was told the worst case scenario is you are just wearing glasses again,” he said. “Unfortunately, I am not able to wear glasses (now) because he overcorrected me so much. So we are trying contacts now. ”

The contacts haven't improved his eyesight.

“If it's not blurriness, it's depth (perception) issues,” he said. “Lately, it's been blurriness. In spring training I was having problems with depth and just picking up any kind of spin.

“We are just having trouble finding the right combination. If it's clear, I can't see depth. But if it's blurry, I can. So it's just been a really bizarre situation.”

Gibbons had just four hits in 38 at bats in spring training with the Dodgers. He is batting .250 (6 for 24) in seven games this season for Albuquerque.

“The big problem right now is just getting the contacts to work. We've tried several different combinations of 'em and different prescriptions,” he said. “Now my eyes are flat from the surgery, and the contacts have trouble staying in. It's just an overall mess.”

Another surgery would be the last option, he said.

A frustrated Gibbons admitted at times wondering if his eyesight will ever be good enough again to hit major league pitching.

“I've been dealing with this since December, and here we are in April,” Gibbons said. “It's always in the back of your mind, ‘Is this ever going to come back?' It's definitely crossed my mind.”