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Does learning still have clout?

Jessica Williams, Edmond Santa Fe High School Published: May 1, 2010
e is the current state of television.

“In media, everything is fast-paced, and students want instant gratification when it comes to learning,” LaMascus said. “We need to have patience. … We can’t have microwave education.”

LaMascus said the media is not totally at fault and thinks good teachers can connect students with new material once they gain a student’s trust as a reliable and interesting source.

LaMascus’ classroom motto is, “Everybody teaches, everybody learns.” With a productive class and a responsive and approachable teacher, “students will find a reason to learn outside of what they already know,” he said. But if students head down a path of complacency, “the beauty in the depth of the written word will eventually elude future generations,” Davis said.

Dobson said she still has hope.

“Our culture puts value on success, money, and fame,” she said. “If we can learn to prioritize our time and energy, future generations will experience a desire to learn.”