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Dog abandoned in its own yard is lonely

Published: February 10, 2012

Dogs are social animals. Their ancestors, the wolves, live and die in extended families. Millennia ago, we took them away from their wild families, shaped them to suit our fancies and took them into our own families. And now, in this modern age, we abandon them for hours at a time. For such social animals, this is cruel and unusual punishment. It's like solitary confinement. It's torture.

Fence your yard and let your dog run free. Buy him another dog for company. If that's not possible, board him during the day, either with your vet or with a friend who has dogs. If none of the above is possible, then you should find a nice new home for him. To your dog, you are a god. Be a kind, gentle god who cares for his creatures.

Lena Zahn, Midwest City