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Dogs rescued in Bryan County find a home in jail

Associated Press Published: November 23, 2012

"We've been very successful with it," Friedman said.

Only two of the 42 dogs that have completed the program have not been adopted, she said.

When Charlie and Lola were found by Bryan Animal Caregivers members in the same area on separate days, they were nearly 20 pounds underweight and suffered from severe heartworm disease that required weeks of intense treatment. Lola had no teeth and had difficulty eating. Due to suspected strangulation, Charlie was required to have his genitals removed and underwent surgery for an infection.

Their treatment cost about $5,000. The dogs recovered at Cedar Animal Hospital in Richmond Hill.

Bryan Animal Caregivers President Lauren McCraw responded to the case and has followed the dogs' progress.

"Despite everything they've been through — how they look and how they must have been treated by someone — they're very loving and happy dogs and just want a good home," said McCraw.

Ladson, 30, said he never owned a dog before but is confident participating in the program will benefit him as much as either dog.

"It gives me a chance to give back to the community, relaxation and comfort while I'm in my cell, knowing that I'm helping somebody that I don't even know," he said.