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Don't fall for flat tax

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer Published: June 14, 2013

The IRS is targeting specific groups of people at the behest of “higher ups” in Washington, yet we have politicians saying this is an outrage and we should abolish the IRS and move to a flat tax. But a flat tax still requires the IRS to collect and enforce it. The IRS scandal is proof positive that the department to enforce the collection of taxes is being used as a weapon against us. It must be abolished in favor of a tax code that removes tyrannical enforcement and returns control to the people.

The FairTax Act would remove government control over our money and return it to us so we control when we pay taxes. The FairTax gives us the power; a flat tax will do nothing but flatten the rates and keep government power over us. Don't fall for it.

Tony Leach, Oklahoma City