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Don’t make impulse buy

BY CHRISTINA WOMACK Published: March 14, 2009
ey need hay and fresh greens daily for good health.

→Bunnies should be kept indoors so they can be part of the family and safe.

→Bunnies need to be introduced to other pets slowly and with supervision. Many bunnies are killed unintentionally every year by a playful family dog.

→Bunnies need daily exercise.

→Electric cords should be kept out of reach. Bunnies are drawn to nibble on cords and often accidentally electrocuted.

→Bunnies can live 10 years or more.

Please consider these before bringing home a rabbit. They are wonderful companions and with some education you can have a healthy, social, loving pet for years.

If you decide that a bunny is the right choice for your family, please consider adopting a rescued bunny. Almost every state has a bunny rescue. You can contact in Blanchard. Come meet our special bunnies at Heartland. Most of them started life as an Easter bunny.

Womack lives in Mustang.