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Dorial Green-Beckham shouldn't be eligible to play for Sooners says one writer Published: August 13, 2014

Where columnist Gregg Doyel says Dorial Green-Beckham should be eligible, his colleague Dennis Dodd counters, taking a page out of the NCAA rule book.

From Dodd: "In applying for the waiver, Oklahoma apparently is invoking a little-known clause that allows players to transfer immediately “for reasons outside [their] control …

"Even the NCAA calls it the 'run off' rule, meant to be applied if a team oversigns in recruiting. The interpretation protects a kid from being pressured out of a program or being 'cut' for performance. Nowhere in the guidelines does it say anything about a stud receiver -- after three legal run-ins -- being eligible right away."

Dodd proposes that, despite OU's confidence that Green-Beckham stands a good chance of gaining immediate eligibility, "someone somewhere is misapplying a rule to get a star receiver on the field right away.

"To buy this logic, someone somewhere is equating screwing up with being run off," Dodd says.

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