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Dusty Dvoracek, Teddy Lehman are in a rush

Former OU football standouts have taken their talents to an afternoon radio show on KREF-AM 1400.
BY STEPHANIE KUZYDYM, Staff Writer, Published: July 21, 2012

Lehman held his left hand up to shield his mouth as he whispered, “I'm undefeated. 2-0.” He meant during their NFL days.

Then he continued, “In UFL, you were 0-4 against me.”

“2-for-2,” Dvoracek argued back.

No, it doesn't count. You were on IR.

I was on the team.

It does not count.

Lehman clapped together the earphones he held to emphasize those last three words. A second later, Dvoracek kicked off from the break.

The other side of the mic

It's been eight or 10 years since they played together at Gaylord Family—Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, so long that neither can remember the exact time, but now they're on the other side. Now they are pointing the microphone at guys they've sweat with, guys they've bled with.

“We know what it means to go through and be in the battle,” Dvoracek said. “Former athletes go out of their way more than another athlete who hasn't been in their shoes.

“What we are looking most forward to is being able to get on radio and maybe for the first chance in a while, to be able to give a perspective what's really going on. … We want to give people the why instead of just ‘This is what you saw happen.'”

And who better to know what is going on in Bob Stoops' locker room than guys who played, well, for Stoops.

“It's one part of this job that's going to be somewhat tough on us because you're not going to find two bigger fans of Bob Stoops than these two guys sitting right here,” Dvoracek said. “We think he walks on water. It's going to be hard to be subjective all the time. I know you have to be to do this job, but I think we're always going to be OU and Bob Stoops-slanted.”

“He's the reason we're sitting here,” Lehman said.

“Right, I wouldn't have the opportunity to do any of the things I've done if it weren't for him,” Dvoracek continued. “To a certain extent, you have to call it how it is, but there's ways to do it without fully ripping someone.

“Basically, Teddy and I have been doing this for like three or four years now and not getting paid for it.”

“The only difference is we might have had a Bud Light in front of us and an NCAA football game on the TV but it was still the same arguments, same conversation,” Lehman said.

Their discussions can be listened to on the car radio or online at As each day passes, they learn a little more about the rush of information and that now they really are on the other side of the line.

“Bugging people for interviews,” Lehman said. “It's the worst part. They look at us as teammates, as guys in their locker room. As a player, you look at media in a different way. It's a fine line to dance. But now, we're just plain old media guys.”